Sunday, April 30, 2006

pick a winner, lady....

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Ash and Will

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hot dog zombie!!

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Great day at the ball game..
Nathan, Will, Ashley (his girlfriend) and I went to the double A Carolina Mudcats (FLA Marlins affiliate) game today. Here's a few pics wif my new camera.. Posted by Picasa

Friday, April 28, 2006


It just never works out! We get a fifth of tequila and the next day there's just enough in there for about 3 good drinks. So you know what that means? Ya gotta go get another fifth. Why won't one bottle cover 2 days? It's just wrong. They need a slightly larger or slightly smaller one. A pint is TOO small. That ain't gonna work. I guess I'll go get a half of a gallon and see how that works out.


I told my Dad that I never got around to eating dinner last night. He said, "You know I had? A bowl of banana pudding and THEN a can of vienna sausages." "You ate the banana pudding first?" I laughed. Damn nut.


Nathan, our 10 yr. old is already writing songs. We were throwing lines around in the car today. He started one..
Your eyes shine like the sea
You're the catch of the day..


My wife got me a new Sony Cyber-shot 7.2 MP camera for our anniversary. Look out Blog!..and thank ye hunny!


I've decided that someday, maybe 20 years from now, I'm gonna be an old black blues legend. I'm gonna git me a harmonica and start workin' on it. That would be so of them harmonica racks on my shoulders, blowing like a fool, playin' shit outta the drums, rockin' band around me...that would be un-stop-able!
"OOOOOhhhWooohoooo! I got the blues, y'all!..I'm so punished up in here!!"

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

gimme the mike!

We have a local TV rip-off of American Idol in Raleigh called "Gimme the Mike". You can of course imagine how bad it sucks. I mean, my stupid ass dogs start howlin' whenever we switch over there, it's that bad. One of the judges on it is my friend, Dick Hodgin. He's involved in music scamming (oopps! did I say that out loud?) in several different ways. But he used to be the manager of a band called Moonpie in Greenville, SC and once, we (The Fab Knobs) went down and opened up for them. They were cool and the show was cool and everybody had a great time. Afterwards, we were invited to an old church for some drankin' and jamming. Needless to say it was pretty late when we decided it was time to shut it down. Jack, David Enloe, Keith Taylor and I were invited to stay at Dick's house. We all got over there and grabbed a corner of the room and slept on the floor.
Keith and I started arguing about something that I can't remember to save my life right now and before you know it he and I were fighting like wild dogs in the middle of the living room floor. Dick comes out of the bedroom and says "you guys gotta cool it! right now!" "OK, we're done" Dick goes back to the bedroom (It's prolly 4am about this time). We're laying there and all of a sudden one of us (I don't remember which) brings the subject back up and the next thing you know we're going at it again! This time Momma comes out! Dick's then wife, Suzanne is pissed! "Ya'll gotta shutup and quit fightin' or git out!" She headed back to the bedroom. David says "Let's git the hell outta here" (It's 5 hours back home, mind you). We quietly grab our things, wake Jack up (who has the primo spot on the guest bed), and steal anything in the fridge that has alcohol in it. David decides that he is driving back to Raleigh but gets stuck in the ditch on the way out of the driveway and Keith takes over. In goes "DE7", the most recent Dave Edmunds record at the time. It was kicking our asses! We played (and you're gonna think I'm lying) "Me and the Boys" over and over and over and over until we got back to Raleigh. That was it. That one song...on constant rotation...from Greenville to Raleigh...non-stop. Maybe a 100 times, wide ass open from 4:30 am till 10am when we got back home and fell outta the car. It was both the most brutal and the best time of my life! Word Dick, whass up? Gimme that damn mike, bitch!

chicken feed

I never ever EVER EVER go to those chat groups on line. You know the ones where bickering little hens get together and try to peck each other to death with the "truth" about the careers of their favorite musicians? I occasionally catch wind though of some of the things they say about me or some of my friends and I have to just shake my head.
Like when comments like these are made, "Everything Dan (Baird) has done since The Georgia Satellites pales in comparison". HUH? I mean, you're kidding, I hope.(I especially take offense to this in the case of his first solo record!) This obviously, is being said by someone that is still deaf (or drunk!) from too many nights down at Hedgen's. Personally, I find those Satellites records unlistenable. The songs are great, sure. But that snare sound is so damn stupid sounding in present day that it's laughable, and this has nothing to do with Mauro. I blame Jeff Glixman and the 80's for that. They were always great live and that's how I rememmber them, but to me the records never did them justice. And sorry, Dan's had some pretty great moments since those days. Trust me, I was there..."pales"? ..come on.
And as for comments about me and my injection of a little humor into Rock and Roll.. it's called "having fun" and I will apologize for that on the very day that Chuck Berry, Little Richard and NRBQ do. Now please turn in your Georgia Satellite hymnals to page 2 and let's sing together "You got me tied down with Battleship Chains..."

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I've been helping my Dad move all weekend and you KNOW that's a good 'ol time! He's got a big ass office desk (like he needs it! retired and playin' golf all the time!), a way too heavy console style TV and all of the usual junk that old folks gather over the years. This place was pretty special though. This is where the Yayhoos wrote and recorded (in less than a week!) the first record, "Fear Not The Obvious". This is where my Dad had some knock-down-pass-out-throw-up-and-throw-down parties, where we would get up and play and piss all the old folks off and then his band would play and all my friends would fall asleep or leave. This is also where my wife and I got married, 17 years ago this Saturday. We came down the path sittin' on a haystack on a trailer being pulled by his tractor, which he also sold. It's all gone now though, all but the memories.

good to go..

Well, I leave next Monday May 1 to meet the guys in Nashville to rehearse and to hit the road in support of the new Yayhoos record. Let's see...
let me make sure I've got everything..

Gong. check.
Roto-toms. check.
Double Kick pedal. check.
Big ass cage to put the toms on. check.
Advil. check.
Walking cane. check.
Flame shooting sticks. check.
Drummer's gloves. check.
Headbands. check.
Earplugs. check.
Elevator shoes. check.
Social skills...hmmmmm

Yep, pretty much good to go...

Sunday, April 23, 2006

bad gig

Dan walks up to the mike which seems about a mile away from me and begins strumming a sullen tune. It's the first song in the set and I'm wondering what it is, I'ver never heard it before. I look over at Keith and he gives me a shrug as if to say "I don't know what it is either!". Dan says "It's on the list!", but I don't have one. I get up from my stool and start looking for my sticks, they are in the cymbal bag nowhere to be found. Dan gives me the eye like it's time for me to come in and I reach down and grab a couple of pieces of broken sticks from the night before. They are shredded, split and hardly playable. They finally come apart and I'm left with what might as well be toothpicks. Dan is furious as his song completely falls apart in front of the mumbling crowd that is starting to pour in. I'm bewildered. "Where in the hell are my sticks!" I get up from the stool and start to look in the dark, wasting another 3 or 4 minutes. I find more leftovers from the night before and tell him, "Play something we know!..What are we waiting for?" He starts that one about 90 miles an hour and being that far away from me there's a time delay and I'm having a hell of a time hearing him with what might as well be an AM radio for a monitor hanging over my head. We finally finish an absolutely dreadful version as the sticks again are a problem. I get up and go get in my van and drive up the road. I decided to turn around and go back to try to make the best of an utterly disastrous gig. But when I walk back into the club the line is long as patrons are getting their money back. I look on stage and everything is packed up, including my drums, and ready to be put back in the Suburban.
It is at this point this morning that I woke up in a fright and was really really glad that it was just a dream. God! It seemed so real!

Saturday, April 22, 2006


The response to Will's letter has be awesome! I know some really sweet people!
Thank you SO much to every one of you...and you know who you are!

Friday, April 21, 2006


Hello friends of Terry! This is his son Will. I have got big things ahead of me and need and want your help. This summer July 9th my friends and church colleagues will be leaving on a missions trip to Ecuador in South America. There is a great need in the city of Guyaquil and our youth group is doing missions in the childrens department. However, the cost is great. The money for each person to go is 1400. 550 is needed on monday and I have close to nothing. Anything you can give is greatly appreciated and is accepted. Through this experience I will see many things outside of this country that I could not see here and it will greatly change my life. I respect every decision and if you cannot give it is ok, But please if you could I will really really appreciate anything. If you can give please email me back on my email at If you are gonna write a check, please make it out to New Hope Worship Center. The mailing address here is, P.O Box 642 Bunn, NC 27508. I know the money might not make it by Monday but we have another 550 due very soon too. And the other money will pay for my passport. Thank you guys so much and you guys will be blessed with everything you give.

God Bless,

Thursday, April 20, 2006


OK, since I have a medical condition that makes me go into convultions and seizures whenever I listen to music on the radio I sometimes listen to sports talk while I'm working. Unfortunately though, lately the talk has gone from my favorite sport, college basketball to my least favorite, hockey. Now, I grew up in North Carolina so we didn't get much hockey around here back in the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's and I wouldn't know a power play goal if it bit me on the ass! But's "Now on the show is EJ Raddick to talk some hockey with us", "Let's talk now to John Forsland, the play by play announcer for the Carolina Hurricanes", "and now here he is...Chuck Kaiton to talk a little hockey with us" Hockey, hockey, hockey! All hockey, all the much hockey talk my head's fittin' to blow up! I finally couldn't take it any more and turned the radio off and turned the TV on. It was the local news, "OK let's go to Chris with sports, what's going on Chris?" "Well guys, the Stanley Cup playoffs begin this weekend and the Carolina Hurricanes begin their run against the Monteal Canadiens...." Aaaagh! Screw it! I'm oooot!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


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Happy B-Day Nathan!

Man, I have been so busy lately. After working all day yesterday I had to drive Nathan (who's Birthday is today BTW!! the BIG ONE O!!) to Tae Kwon Do, 30 minutes away, and come back to do more work. The people I'm working for are outta town so I'm trying to get a lot done while they are outta the house. So I go back to work at 7:30 last night and the drunk ass neighbor came over to see why the lights were on. He was nice enough and all but like any good drunk he told me the same thing about 20 times! He kept telling me about how they had cut his workman's comp in half and how he had been at the lawyer's office all day and only got it reduced by $47 instead of $800 or some shit. He kept pointing out how the shadows of the lights had faces in'm and shit. He started telling me about stopping at The Doll House and some girl was trying get him to go inside but he couldn't cause he had a trunkload of chicken feed that he had to get back to Bunn. Then after telling me his life story 4 more times he finally left. Thanks for sharin', Sumbitch!

This was originally sent by a retired Coca Cola executive. It came from one of his engineer buddies who retired from Halliburton. It's worth your consideration.
For the rest of this year, DON'T purchase ANY gasoline from the two biggest companies (which now are one), EXXON and MOBIL. If they are not selling any gas, they will be inclined to reduce their prices. If they reduce their prices, the other companies will have to follow suit.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Saturday, April 15, 2006

topdown tequila tonight!!

I just found the best place in the entire world to listen to the new Yayhoos record my Beemer. BUT!! my Beemer, with the top down and sittin' on the trunk. Perfect!! I can stand up every once in a while in the back seat and yell "Hell Yeah!!" ..throw my hands up in the air and give it that Lynyrd Skynyrd whistle. Sounds great! ..and I can marvel at Keith Christopher cuz I'm gittin' all this low end back there..he is wonderful!!
So last night I introduced the Cockafloppin family. Greg Cockafloppin, Jack Cockafopplin, Big Daddy Cockafloppin and of course me...Tommy Cockaflopplin.
We sold tons o' shit last night plus the tips were stupid..close to $200...and a $100 off the bar...ignunt! ya ain't s'posed to git paid that much to have fun!!

sammich shop

The gig at Sadlack's Heroes sandwich shop yesterday evening rocked just about like ass. We hadn't played in a while and everybody in the band was ready. It was unfair actually because we really never let up. We were having too much fun. One after another the OakTeam rolled pretty damn flawlessly though about 30 songs. We were like the Jamaican bobsled team, all of our asses sittin' in the same sled in the same groove and going down a hill not to be stopped! One for the ages you might say, it was complete with the contortionist, exercise dude throwing his body around in front of the "stage" and throwing his sweat all over the crowd. The crowd, by the way, that was singing along to about every song! All I can say is that if you weren't there, I feel sorry for you...and to the promoters in Europe that won't Email me are doing the world an injustice.

Randy..what did you think? "YoYo! Check it out man. I thought you guys started out a little rough but you worked it out, dog. I was really entertained."
Paula?.."Terry, I just can't believe how much energy you and Jack have at your ages. Every week you are getting better and better and are really starting to be the band that you and your audience have imagined that you would become. I'm just really blown away by your songs. I am a real fan."
Simon Cowell?.."I really don't know whut to say...I mean...I don't know whut these other two are watching...I thought it was dreadful..utterly dreadfull. I mean, yeah..the songs are good and the execution was terrific but America and the rest of the world is not ready for this...this is NOT whut this competition is's a NO for me!"

Friday, April 14, 2006

Ten Years Ago

From Roscoe:

Ten Years Ago the Hound and Roscoe opened up the Lakeside Lounge ( on Avenue B between 10th and 11th Streets.
The Hound ( had gotten tired of pointing out where the action is
on his crazy weekly WFMU radio program and Roscoe ( had
gotten tired of being part of the hateful (to the audience and the band) CBGB inspired 5 bands per night hustle so they opened their own joint.
Since April of '96 the Lakeside has had a lot of great music on its tiny stage. From the Bottle Rockets to Joey and Dee Dee Ramone in the first month...? Mark & the Mysterians, Freedy Johnston, The Minus Five, North Mississippi Allstars, Robert Randolph, Marshall Crenshaw, Beat Rodeo, The Izzys, The Purple Wizzard and Roscoe's bands including the Yayhoos, Roscoe's Gang and Steve Earle & the Dukes. Tons of great bands from near and far...many of them listed on the Lakeside's website.
The Hound has kept the jukebox stomping over the last ten years with great music. A lot of it transfered directly from scratchy 45's and 78's for your listening pleasure. We've hosted many book parties, sold Steve Keene paintings, hosted photo shoots and even had a couple movies filmed in there.
This Saturday night marks our 10th year on Avenue B. Please join us as we pay tribute to the Hound's most out of control jukebox. The band (Roscoe Trio) will be backing various Lakeside performers including but not limited to... Steve Wynn, Freedy, Pete Galub, Mary Lee Kortes and Staff members Alex Feldesman, Leslie Day as they knock out selections from the Lakeside Jukebox.
Get there early, we gotta give it back to the Jukebox by midnight.
thanks to all the bands and all our customers for the great ten years....and many more
Lakeside Lounge. 4pm till 4am daily

Since Yayhoos Keith Christopher and Eric Ambel will be playing in the Roscoe Trio we will have the new Yayhoos cd "Put The Hammer Down" on hand for sale as well as the new
screaming blue Yayhoos t-shirt. If you aren't in NYC this Saturday night you can get the cd and the new T-shirt at


Something to think about, 'specially for the frat boys, sorority girls and everyday Izod crowd...
If it weren't for original bands, what would copy bands play?

Thursday, April 13, 2006

more May gigs..

More gigs than we figgered on for May...After the gigs planned for early May with the 'Hoos (seen @ OakTeam will do a Leukemia and Lymphoma benefit show @ the Ritz (in Raleigh)on the 11th of May, our "Pig Pickin'-Ass Kickin'" show on the 12th @ Slim's and a 2 set extravaganza
@ Tir Na Nog (also in the beautiful capital city of Raleigh, NC..that we've been avoiding for months!!) on May 26th. Write this shit down people!! I ain't gonna tell y'all again!!! Book your flights NOW!! Life is short!!

more about knobs here

mad @ y'all!!

If you wuz one of the ones that voted Bucky off'a "Idol" last night then I'm mad at y'all and you ain't my friend no more! Don't y'all know that ever since NASCAR took the race away from Rockingham that Bucky wuz the only thing that whole town had to live for! Yeah, he sucked. But Ace sucked a lot worse! Anybody can stand up there and yell "we will, we will rock you!!" for a minute and 20 seconds! Just cuz Ace is cute he got another pass through to the next round. Well Bucky wuz cute too in his own dumbass redneck kinda way. Bucky wuz cool and just plain nice. I'm really gonna miss him. And not only that, but what is Rockingham, North Carolina gonna do now?

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

oh yeah!...

and billboards!...

Knob shit

The Fabulous Knobs really were quite popular around North Carolina from '78 to '84. We had a road crew that drove our big ass 20 foot box truck filled with lights and our huge PINK P.A.! It was full time job. We did about 4 to 5 gigs a week and put ourselves on the big big salary of $250 a piece each one of those weeks. This lasted almost 3 or so years like that. And remember, we all lived together in a huge house on Edenton St. in downtown Raleigh and the band paid all of our expences so the 250 was free and clear.
We had some unbelievable gigs. Most were packed, many sold out. Our lead singer, Debra DeMilo was quite flamboyant and showed her ass (literally!) about every night.
It was the same kinda rockin' shit I'm doin' today with a little more Soul/R&B thrown in. I wrote a lot for that band too. It's really hard to explain how great it was. Jack was on bass and he and I solidified the rhythm section. The guitar players, David Enloe and Keith Taylor were perfect together. For a while there, just to be ASAP (as stupid as possible!!) they were "twinin'", our trying to be twins of each other. They were dressing alike with red Keds sneakers, blue jeans, an orange bandana and a white t-shirt. It was dumb as shit and really funny.
We would piss club owners off so bad by doing "plays". The most popular one was called "Go to Hell!" That one would start with David layin' on the floor trying to get some sleep after the late night gig and his neighbor next door,played by Keith or me, mowing the lawn at 7am. Eventually, David would get up and poke his head through the window (somebody's arms!) and yell "Go to Hell!!" Of course, there were other scenarios and subsequently other "plays" that prompted that response from David. Pretty dumb. Another thing we did was "Jerry Duty". Every night we would take turns holding up a little G.E. tape recorder up to the mike while a Jerry Clower tape played one of his stupid ass jokes. This was called "Jerry Duty"....and "Bullshit!" by the club owners. But the crowd usually ate it up.
We were pretty much ruined after seeing NRBQ. They got away with murder!, and that's how we wanted to be!

git it!!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Ya know bloggin' seems really stupid sometimes. I put myself out there and say whatever's on my mind and people get to experience what a real dumbass that I really am. But that's cool. That's all part of it, the good with the bad. I don't blog sometimes cuz, really, my life is just as boring as the next guy's..there's nothing to tell! There's the occasional record release (or RE-release!! like today!!) and great gigs to talk about but the rest of the time I'm bustin' ass 9 to 5 like everybody else.
But I really DO love to write. I've been told that I should spend the time that I blog on writing more songs. Well yeah...maybe...but in my view writing is writing (even though the songs may last longer than the blogs). Yeah, I've said some stupid shit in my blogs but that's not unlike in my every day conversation or Emails. What you read is what you get! I'll probably quit bloggin' when I quit writing.

Monday, April 10, 2006

ready to go!

OK! I'm all set up. As soon as that bitch starts barking tonight in the middle of the night all I gotta do is go out and turn the water on. The hose is aiming right about where she always stands to bark. I had to go back out last night. She's really pissin' me off!! Her bark is high pitched and schrill and you can hear it from blocks away. I'm 'bout sick 'o her shit!..but I can't kick her! Like The Great One said...."One day!! To the moon!!!"
I think the OakTeam is playin' at a sandwich shop on Friday, last I heard. From 7pm to 9pm come on over to Sadlack's on Hansbrough Street in Raleigh. We'll be rockin' that bitch right wide-ass open!!!! Then we might eat a sammich!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Saturday, April 08, 2006

yayhoos e-card

sing along..

Y'all sing along now..
"It was the night I sprayed 'ol Dixie down"
"Yeah, all the dogs were barking"
"I said I bet you'll shut the hell up now"
"And it was 4 in the morning"
"I said die...die, die ,die, die, die
die, die, die... die die die die"

Yep, 4 in the morning I had to get up and get the water hose out and spray the dog, Dixie down so she'd shut the hell up. She did.
Somebody drove by and shot at golfer Tom Leyman's car in Augusta? Tell that shooter guy when he gets outta jail that there are 2 dogs that live across from Bunn Baptist Church. He can drive by here anytime!

Friday, April 07, 2006

yayhoos first review

By Steve Terrell | The New Mexican
April 7, 2006
The Yayhoos are loud, irreverent, a little crazy, and a lot of fun. And in case anyone's forgotten, those qualities are the basic building blocks of rock 'n' roll. Their new album, Put the Hammer Down, is a boozy, sometimes bluesy, guitar-crazed testament to the gospel of good timing.

"Gettin' drunk, gettin' naked, gettin' laid,and gettin' out,"

is the refrain of one of the songs here. That pretty much sums up the spirit of Put the Hammer Down.

The band has an impressive résumé. It consists of singer Dan Baird (formerly of the Georgia Satellites); guitarist Eric "Roscoe" Ambel (who has played with Joan Jett, The Del-Lords, and for the past several years, Steve Earle); drummer Terry Anderson (The Olympic Ass Kickin' Team); and bassist Keith Christopher (another ex-Georgia Satellite, who's also played with Billy Joe Shaver, Paul Westerberg, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, and others.)

As in their first effort, Fear Not the Obvious, The Yayhoos sing of a world where it's always Saturday night, the girls are all pretty, and the beer is cheap and plentiful. It starts off with "Where's Your Boyfriend At," a celebration of adulterous potential. I'm not sure why the instrumental bridge alludes to the "Batman" theme.

"Would It Kill You" has some fun with domestic discord. "Would it kill you to take that noose off my neck/Would it kill you to stop acting like a wreck?" There's even a song here ("Everything/Anything") that introduces the boys in the band: "My name is Roscoe, and I am the boss/Without me the Minnow would be lost ... My name is Dan, I talk loud and a lot/Without me this band wouldn't rock." This track would be the obvious choice for a theme if The Yayhoos got their own weekly sitcom.

While most of the songs are original, The Yayhoos do a couple of inspired covers -- The O'Jays' "Love Train," which features various Yayhoos trading vocals, and an especially exhilarating version of the B-52s' "Roam." You can order Hammer from

(PS--When I was explainin' the "Batman" part as we wuz cuttin' it I was refering to the bridge in Sam and Dave's "Wrap it up"..PSS- I still can't believe I saw Sam and Dave at The Bottom Line!!!! Unbelievable show!!)

Thursday, April 06, 2006

#2 almost gone..

The second to the last box of my second record was sent out last week to be available from the site. So in my possesion is the very last box. I couldn't find any more. I guess I'll keep those to sell at gigs so if you want the damn thing (which I am extremely proud of, btw!) ya gotta get one of the last few that are over at or one from the Yayhoos site. Speaking of the Yayhoos site, the new T-shirts are in and will be available there next week! Woo-Hoo!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

casa de filth!

It was another bizarre day over there at the casa de filth. I swear when I get home from working over there I wanna take all my clothes off and burn'm! I had to paint some nasty-ass closets today and found a few interesting things. Let's see, other than the pet hair...there was a new spool of speaker wire, new playing cards, rolling papers, a huge unopened aquarium light, a large (working) vibrating dildo, prescription drugs, etc.etc.etc. You know, fun stuff.
In the early afternoon I was suprised by a guest. It was the "meat lady". I was working all the way in the back minding my own business when out of the blue, loud as hell I heard ...
"Hey Darlin'!!"... "Didn't mean to scare you, do love a good steak?" I look up and there she is, right off the set of "Hee-Haw"! I mean, she is skinny as a rail, dolled up in some kinda sequined jean jacket with cut off sleeves and a blue jean mini-skirt and she is CUUUUNT-TREE! I KNOW she had a cold "tall boy" out in the truck! " didn't scare me (until I looked at you!..I'm thinkin')and no I haven't had a steak since 1984". "Well whut about chicken or pork?" she asks. "Nope" I tell her. "What are you, one of them vegetarians?" "Well kinda.." "OK, thanks, don't work too hard, see ya later!" And out the door she went. Man! I know she wuz gonna try to sell me that rotten meat and then go down and buy some more crack. She just had that look.
Makes ya wanna go home shave ya head and get Jesus!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

dan on letterman

Imminent Failure!

Our computer has been showing a warning every time we've been going on it saying..IMMINENT FAILURE!! We called our dude and he says.."Is it grinding or smoking?" "Well, naw it ain't doing dat!" we says and he says "well, that's good"
So it may or may not blow up in the middle of this blog. But anyway, the house I'm working on is another rental and this one might very well out-nasty any of the other rentals that I've done. I couldn't even eat my lunch in there it was so gross. So I walk outside yesterday trying to get away from the stinch and as I take a bite I look up and sitting on a wire in front of me was a bird with his ass pointed towards me taking a shit! Come on! I'm just trying to get my lunch down SOMEWHERE! and get back to work. Anyone with a weaker stomach would have gone hungry! Ya ever have one of those kinda "Can't win for losing" days? Well, that was one of'm.