Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dirt and sticks

Don't ya love it when your new neighbor starts fixin' up the yard? Set aside the fact that the "yard" is just a bunch of dirt and sticks that fall out of the pecan tree for a second, if it was MY house I would more want to mow IT down than the yard! I've painted in there, it's a dump! And from what I hear, it's MORE of a dump since he's moved in. The cops came a few weeks ago and dude was cussing THEM out, "git the FUCK outta my yard!!!" he yelled at the county sheriffs. I was really surprised they didn't cart him off! Guess they didn't have the goods. But he's a scruffy loner that blasts the local rock station from the only building worth a dime on the lot, the barn garage thingy. He's damn proud of his dump, no matter how dumpy it is! I've never said a word to him, nor he to me. Guess it's gonna be that way, since he's been there for a few months now.Thass fine. I'll just look forward to the off week when he is mowing the dirt and sticks. It's damn hilarious! BwaaAAAH!! WHAP! WHAMM! Off!
He cranks it again and a cloud of dust!...away!
Bwaaa...bamm! Whap! Whamm! Blamm! Bwaaa...

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