Sunday, May 15, 2011

What to say?

Sorry its taken so long to blog but I've been re-correcting all the words that my iPad has auto-corrected on the following blogs...
*What to say... what to say! So much has happened but yet so little. I know folks are tired of any talk about the next record so we'll skip that! Except for the news about a major label that is LOVING IT!
*Jack left yesterday for Iraq. He's doing that thing he does, you know saving babies and all that. OakTeam representing in Iraq, Yo! We got a show opening for Nashville Pussy on the 3rd of June at the Cradle in Chapel Hill. 
*My beard is still growing...since December!
*Went to Nathan's talent show Friday night. He did great. He got up there with his (my) drums and played solo. It was a medley of just the drum parts of Led Zepplin's BLACK DOG & Immigrant Song. That took balls, and he pulled it off! The crowd loved him!
*I keep thinking about musians who are so insecure that they cut power on the PA or limit you in some other stupid way if you are opening the show. A long time go I first experienced these poor folks on the campus of East Carolina University. Some metal band named Maxx Warrior, had us open for them at The Attic in Greenville, NC. They were so shaken by our (The Fabulous Knobs) legend (ha!) that they gave us half the bank of lights and half of the PA. Pretty sad, I know! But those kooks are out there! Folks like (and I'm outta the loop far enough that I can say his name) John Hiatt will do shit like fart around on stage right up until "doors" so that YOU'RE setting up and doing soundcheck in front of the rushing in masses. Once with the 'Hoos, in Springfield, MO, he delayed the show until we agreed to play acoustic. When we didn't do that he said we could only have 4 mics. We put one in the kick drum, gave Dan one, me one and one to the left side for Scoe and Keith. Of course we rocked the bitch. But what was sad was that he was great too! 
And he didn't have to lose our respect to BE great!

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dave g said...

Haha Jesse Bolt did that to us at Atlantic Beach when we opened. That's ok, it was bright enough already.