Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Flies and old folks

Kill me. Kill me now. I've been working for the past 5 workdays for these old folks that are a total aggravation. Both around 80, but just spry enough to get in the way. Especially him! I can't tell you how many times I've turned around and bumped face to face into him, or tripped over him. You know, there's a reason I work alone! In the words of Jed Clampett, "don't help me boy!"
Yeah, he thinks he's helping but he's just making it harder on me.
He is some kind of kin to me, his mom is my Granddaddy's sister, so whatever that is. And they think I know everybody in the family. It wasn't 2 minutes into the thing before she was saying shit like "that was bad about William won't it?"
What came to my mind came outta my mouth, "William who?"
Yesterday they got on the 2 home phones, conference style, and talked over each other to SEVERAL "cellophone" companies about getting their grandson on their plan. That lasted about three hours. Brutal!
Their house is pretty open, so I can't get away from them...or their TV. It's the usual daytime fare, Regis, blah blah blah (what I hear), local news at noon, soap operas, Oprah...any of which I can be left alone with for a WHILE! Thanks!
I almost left an hour into the gig, the wife used the N-word...and rather viciously. My first thought (after oh-no-you-dint!) was "pack up, let's go!".
But my dad got me the gig so I let it slide, begrudgingly.
They are just down home hicks. They can't help it. They are so country you can hardly understand them. I can, because I've heard that "whing whong whang whong" before. Reminds me of that time in Scotland and trying to understand a painter I was talking to. And they are old...what we all strive to be.
Today for about 3 hours that woman was calling me "Ricky", outta the blue. I guess she didn't hear her husband call me "Tony" all those times.
Oh well, I could bitch about him sticking his head in the way while I was unscrewing switch-plates or wiping shit down (that I had already wiped down!)
WHILE I was painting it! But it's all in a day's work and everything is looking great so whatever...
I just know one thing, like my dad says; "flies and old folks are about to worry me to death!

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roscoe said...

Go T.
What's a Kramer to do!?!?!?!