Friday, May 27, 2011

Budget Blues

The North Carolina State legislature has proposed deep cuts to education in this year’s budget. I hope one of them calls me to paint the outside of their new house because by their standards I can just go over there, slap a coat of anything on it and call it done. Just like a new house, kids need to be prepared for the elements. Any fool knows you gotta prime bare wood and caulk any and every crack where moisture or worse, insects could get in. Kids need that same preparation for life. They NEED that knowledge for the confidence and courage to tackle real world problems. Can we get some common sense up there in the State House? Under-educated kids are far more likely to become pregnant teenagers or juvenile prison inmates…or both. The under-educated have a much harder time getting a job, thus ending up on Welfare, Unemployment or food stamps. Are our children not worth the investment? Education is passed along from generation to generation. A kid from a poor family that gets a good education can break the vicious cycle of poverty that he or she grew up in and thus make it MORE likely for themselves and THEIR kids to become productive members of society. Is that too much to ask? Or would we rather spend twice the amount they’re cutting from schools on prisons, hospitals stays, Welfare and food stamps? Our kids need all the help they can get so you can pay now or replace a LOT of boards later!


Anonymous said...

Simply CANNOT agree more! Shortsighted stupidity drives me nuts.

crimmins said...

same issues are happing in Michigan. Our new Guv'nor is cutting taxes for corporations, raising takes on retirees and slashing school budgets. Republicans who have had the benefits of private education would love to brag about building more prisons and spending less on educating the peasants.

roscoe said...

Go T-5X!