Thursday, February 24, 2011

Like a chicken with...

My buddy, Raymond is a great photographer. He's also starting a farm and among many of the vegetable goodies he'll be growing and selling, he's also gonna have bunch of chickens. I forgot to ask him if he was gonna keep them for eggs or for ringing their necks and selling them as meat...or both. I was thinking that if they were for meat, i could get a job with him killing them. Of course i was kidding, there's no way i could do that. I can't tell you how many times I watched my grandma stop by the shed for an axe, go in the pen and pick out a chicken for dinner or Sunday lunch and carry it kicking and screaming to the big oak stump behind the house and chop it's head off. For the next 5 minutes we watched them things run around with blood spurting straight up out of its neck in circles, straight lines and figure 8's until it didn't have another drop to keep it alive and fell over. It didn't seem as sad then as it does now. Hell, I wasn't even a teen yet so everything was funny to me, especially a chicken with no head, hauling ass aimlessly around the yard. Knowing me, I was probably thinking "I wanna be like that someday". "Like your grandma?" you ask. (no chance of that, she was awesome!)
NO! like the chicken! That's pretty much how I've ended up!

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