Sunday, December 19, 2010

new iPad!

It's been a a wild, yet really great weekend. My wife, as she is of want to do, has again outdid herself in the
Christmas present dept. She gets bonus points/gift cards when she sells certain items at her job at Ferguson
Kitchen and Bath. This year she acquired enough money on her cards to get me an iPad. I had been wanting
one for several reasons, not the least of which would be for the 4trk Tascam app that I could present new
songs to the band with. I had to work on Saturday. It wasn't my usual painting gig. A little old lady that I DO
paint for called earlier in the week and said her house had been broken into while she was outta town and
could I come replace the broken windows. That's no problem, I do that for folks when I paint outside and they
have broken panes. Once I was done, she was so appreciative that she not only negotiated my price upward
but she also threw in an extra C-note! So I get home Saturday afternoon excited about my winnings and then my
wife hands me the iPad. shooz! I sure have been having bunches o' fun with this thing! So today, I take my tip
money up to Best Buy and get this Zaggmate thing. It's a case for the iPad
with a real keyboard in it, thus making it a mighty portable netbook type thingy. So welcome to the world of
Apple, Mr. Anderson.

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