Monday, December 20, 2010

2nd record revisit

Some 14 yrs. after "What Else Can Go Right" came out on ESD records (Minn., MN) I'd like to think back at what made me do what got did. As for the hat on the cover, I got nothing. I just remember Roscoe and I were walking through a hat shop in Nashville when I saw this thing and had to have it. Evidently, I didn't have to have that $125! The back cover, as you may remember, is the Caddy I used to drive to high school every day. Jasper White from Bunn bought it from my diddy and let me borrow it for the shoot. The trailer on the front cover is one of Jasper's rentals here in "town". The model inside did some work for some famous fashion designer but was living in Garner NC at the time, she threw up them 3 tall Buds she drank during that shoot, having not eaten that day.
The songs themselves go like this: "jesus in the alley": my favorite memory of this song (other than Mitch Easter walking in as I cut the vocal) was when The Yayhoos played it at Roskilde in Denmark. I started the show off in front of about 10K people, solo on guitar, thrown to the lions, but pulled it off. It was downright FUN! "beer drank in' woman" is a good song, would be better with some Country hunk doing it. I'm disappointed by the vocal mix, could'a been up a bit. "read my picture" is one one I'd put on a "best of" CD. I love the bridge especially. "getting' back together" was written about The Woods. I'd had a dream that morning that we DID get back together, woke up and wrote it. (I didn't remember dedicating this record to the Woods though!) Now here's the damnedest thing that's ever happened to me in my un-illustrious and stupid "career": #5-"man, that rocks!" was left off the list of songs on the back cover despite going through FIVE proof reads! What a bunch of dumb asses!
"what in the hell" was an old Woods song, which turned out a lot like we used to do it live. "college girls" speaks of the wonders of a girls young nubile body, over 18 of course! That would put her at about college age, "just about right". "No one knows it" was my best Keef impersonation. I played all the guitars. Actually, I played 7 of the guitar solos on the record. NONE could touch any of Mike Krause's amazing melodies though, like on the next song "what else can go right"...or the next song "nothing on you", another "best of" candidate! You may hear this one Saturday night! "one good heart" was kind of a throw away I wrote in the DADDAD tuning. "street fightin' man" was Steve's idea. He ran the record company. I gave it my best shot, but wouldn't have done it otherwise. "rotted on the vine' took me back to hanging around on my grandparents' farm growing up. I used to go help grandma pick strawberries or grapes (eating more than I picked, of course!). Sometimes they'd send me out on my own to cut a collard. Once I lost grandma's favorite pairing knife, throwing it like Daniel Boone. Still feel bad about that! But I DON'T feel bad about this record, given the bit of talent I was doled out.


Mike Elliott said...

This is still probably my favorite album of yo's. "Jesus" was the first song my son ever sang along to, from the backseat, at about 2 yrs old! "I saw Jeezuuuuuuuuuus..."

I always wondered what the frell was up with the missing fifth song on the cover, too. I wrongly assumed y'all were trying some clever gimmick by putting the "hidden" track in the MIDDLE of the album. I shoulda known better, though!

Anonymous said...

Interesting Post, Thanks!! It's been a long while; I'm going to have to pull that out and give it a listen. I'd love to see a similar one on You Don't Like Me.

Re previous comment: I unfortunately was playing old Woods tunes on the car ride as I took my 3 year old to preschool and he started singing along to Gettin' drunk...and had me put it on repeat the whole ride. I got an earful from his teacher when I picked him up!

Anonymous said...

Had fun sangin background on those tunes!
Barry H