Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Some of you don’t do Facebook and I understand that. You either don’t think the rest of the world would be interested in you or you’re really not interested in them. It DOES seem to be a waste of time most of the time. I mean, there’s a reason we lost touch with some of these people, right? I said when I got on it that I was gonna “clown” it from beginning to end. Unfortunately, that’s when I began to use it as a crutch for an outlet of my stupidity. I would throw something up just to get a conversation started, or say something dumb as shit just to make folks laugh. It became a replacement for the blog. I realize now that some of the things we say MAY need further explanation, like when I changed my name to “Butterball” on FB (of course, if you’re not on FB you would know nothing of this). Nathan was changing his name…not daily, but damn near. So I figgered I’d give it a whirl. “Butterball” was the first thing that popped in my mind, primarily because of my weight. I’m pushing 2 bills on the scales right now and I’m gonna keep that name until I lose at least 20 pounds. There’s no real effort being made at this point but at least I've got something to shoot for when I DO decide to lose it…becoming TERRY Anderson again!

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Anonymous said...

As the great Willie Dixon did say-
I'm Built for Comfort, I ain't built for speed- but I got everything you good girls need'.
Amen brother.
So don't sweat no 20 pounds-They's just more of you to love.