Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Peeps o' Wal-Mart
I had heard about this site for a while, but never had the chance to check it out until Gregory sent the link to me yesterday. I knew there sure as hell was a need for it. Every time I go there {and I have to explain that W-M is BY FAR the closest of the box stores to us in Bunn, (duh!) and that I much prefer Target!} I am constantly grossed out by the overwhelming percentage of damaged versus seemingly less damaged human life forms I've encountered there. This is REALLY bad, and I'm sorry for even mentioning it, but the last time I went into our local Zebulon store I came around the corner and saw what I can only describe as "starfish woman" (envision "Patrick" on Spongebob Squarepants!). She had NO neck, literally. Her body started at her ears. And I realize that Wal-Mart is not the only place that she shops, but she fit the profile impeccably. I can't tell you how many screaming babies I've come across in there, basically AT LEAST one for every visit. The BIGGEST problem I have in there is how depressed everyone seems. After you get past the happy (to be alive) old person greeting you, its like that Alan Bates movie, "King of Hearts", a wacky out of control, anything goes insane asylum. Please check through ALL of the pictures that you can stomach. It's an open window into the real "Pow'ful Amerka"!!


Anonymous said...

Thank God i live in europe (no offense)
cheers roland, holland

Mike Elliott said...

Gee thanks - I wasted more time on that site than I had to waste - but it was damn-well worth it!