Sunday, September 27, 2009

2nd Place!

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Here’s a picture Roscoe took of me as The Yayhoos were loading the Suburban for our trip down to Philly. Understandably, this huge trophy was kicked to the curb (but as it turns out it must not have been kicked very hard!) See, it was a 2nd place reward to the recipient for getting his ass KICKED in a Kick Boxing tournament. Who wants a giant reminder of the day you got the hell beat out of you, right? So we grabbed it thinking we’d walk out on stage with it, holding it high in glory before the ass kickin’ we was about to lay on the crowd. We loaded the thing up with the rest of the gear and headed across Staten Island and south into PA. Somehow along the way we forgot about the stunt and just set it aside backstage in our haste to unload and get ready for the show. All of our minds were prolly still on the conversation we were havin’ on the way down, “if you were gonna kill yourself, but had to go to the bathroom REAL bad, would you go to the bathroom first or just go ahead and kill yourself?” Still, we never figgered it out and hope we never have to! These are grown men I’m talking about!

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roscoe said...

Number 2!

oh my goodness