Tuesday, June 16, 2009

what a twit!

As per usual, I'm a few steps behind in the techno world.
I haven't checked MySpace in weeks (ain't you proud of me?)
so I figgered I needed another aggravation in my life...Twitter.
Kinda got curious about the Iran tweets and wanted to check it out.
PLUS you can say "hey!" if'n ya want to...
If you read this in time make sure you see Ian MacLagan on David Letterman, who's apology was accepted by Sarah Palin on behalf of all young women and the troops overseas...really?
Oh brother!


roscoe said...

I ain't goin A'twitter!

But I do like that "slutty flight attendant look"

BaltoJim said...

Watched Letterman Tuesday night. Mac and the Bump Band were outstanding, as expected.
There's some scary YouTube video out there of his protesters that day (all 8 or 9 of them), with this one whack-job lady shouting, "David Letterman will rape you with his mouth!" I just don't think I need to be lectured on morality from people whose favorite activity is "teabagging"...