Monday, June 15, 2009

Keep it classy!

As never having been a Lakers fan, I’m kinda “whatevah…” about their winning the National Championship. It’s a bit disappointing though as an American that their fans went waaay over the top in their celebrations, many being arrested. I mean, you didn’t see the Olympic Ass-Kickin’ Team turning over cars and such in THEIR celebration of winning the National Championship, did you?
C’mon, L.A.!! Keep it classy from now on!
Love and luck to Florence, Lucy and Will Rigby on their move back to Cleveland!
Keep on rockin’, y’all!
I watched “John Lennon: Imagine” the movie, with Nathan today. He had a lot of tears to fight back at the end. He finally had to let’m go. For a while there, my 13 year old metal-head was finally accepting of really great lyrics and beautiful melodies. Having gone through the original pain of John’s death, as bad as it hurt me personally, I realized that the biggest sorrow of it all had to be the songs the world missed out on that he could have written later in life. That really hurts. He was on such a roll.

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