Sunday, June 28, 2009

new design


It's been a fun Sunday, I woke up (which is always good), and when I headed out to the shitty Food Lion for (NON-Fat Free) Half and Half the van drove like it was mired in muck...uugh! Flat tire! On a Sunday in Bunn, there was nowhere to get it fixed. So I drove for miles and miles in my wife's car with the spare (which was also leaky!)and the fine folks at Just Tires helped me out at NO Charge. As my dad says, "at that price, you'll get ALL my business". Came home, put it on, sweatin' like a bitch. Also, while at the Food Lion, a melody jumped on me and I wrote a verse and chorus of a new song. I also did some concrete work on my wall that goes around my driveway. I watered some of my Japanese maples and then redesigned some my high-top Chuck Taylor Converse tennis shoes...its the new open-toed look. Think I'll have a tequila to celebrate!
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Anonymous said...

Das jus' stupid.....

Come on over to the East side... Vodka nite 2nite!


Anonymous said...

Tings like this is why you are under the chapter "HEROES" on my My-space page ! Cheers Roland, Holland

Anonymous said...

Uh - not sure I'd wear dem playin Bocci Ball!
Barry H