Saturday, June 27, 2009

its the songs, stupid!

You know we’re not getting away from this Michael coverage for a while, don’t you? It may be the rest of the year. Seriously, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet. It may NEVER end! I ain’t gonna put my foot in my mouth again like you’d expect me to and say something disrespectful about the guy. I grew up with him (on TV). I used to love watching the Jackson 5 cartoon show, mostly for the songs. They had the catchiest songs ever. Michael studied songs and songwriting along with dancing, performing and all dat growing up. Private life aside, I’m cool with Michael. He left behind (some shit, but mostly) a bunch o’ good songs...WITH HOOKS! Songs matter, thass why I beat myself up every day to try to find a hook to sing to. The songs will hang around…for a while! Michael’s songs sure will. An acquired taste, but those who get’m…get’m! But hey, what do I know? I like Bud Light Lime. A lot of folks think it’s vile.


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