Monday, June 29, 2009

No good, VEDDY VEDDY no good!

It’s official, the Verizon SMT 5800 cellular telephone device is a big fat piece of shit, and somehow I got suckered into buying one…uhhhh…two. After continued problems with the damn thing, Grace and I finally went yesterday to the one Verizon store that the others referred us to. “They can fix it, we just take payments and sell the crap”. Jeff in Knightdale was a really nice guy and basically agreed that it was “no good, veddy veddy no good”. One of the features I really found puzzling, the contacts could not be backed up. Oh, you can back-up pictures and voice notes (thankfully)in your computer, but contacts…oh no. OK, that’s problem number one(especially with almost a hundred friends and clients), here’s number two (and I mean that in the bathroom way), if you open ANY program, call history, voice notes, contacts, messaging and even task manager itself, you have to go into task manager to close them out. If you don’t they remain running until the phone can no longer function because there’s too many programs open. Huh? That ended up being the reason that I couldn’t send texts. Jeez!
Grace’s phone shows ERROR every time she tries to call anyone. This, still AFTER a HARD reset, i.e.: starting the phone over like a new phone with pro tech support. I did it too and of course, lost ALL contacts. So, if I haven’t called or texted you lately it ain’t my fault. Blame the bastard/s that designed this sorry excuse for a phone. The need to be fired, health insurance and 401K’s taken away (along with sunshine and water),hot prods rammed somewhere (speaking of no sunshine!) and then kicked in the shins. No good! VEDDY VEDDY no good!
Text me your name so I can put you back in, you got the number!

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