Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

The OakTeam met up in Sims, NC for a rare wedding performance last evening. Our T-shirt guru, Greg Clayton was the lucky man, tying the knot with the beautiful Miss Myra Smith. We hit the stage later than expected after two other bands and sitting around in near 100 degree weather, but came out of the gate like rabid, caged animals.

We nailed every song (vocally and instrumentally) with surgical precision, only being halted by the wedding party twice, once for the minor detail of SIGNING the marriage certificate!
Having made it official, me and the boys tore the ass end outta the final few songs, leaving remaining guests and members of the other bands in awe. Once again, it really wasn’t a fair fight, and we really REALLY enjoyed opening up the can of whoop ass for the bride and groom. Much love and happiness to you both!
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As I said on Facebook today, I am not only lucky to have a dad but to have MY dad. He’s the most laid back and wonderful of fathers. We’ll get together later today to watch some golf. I hope you are as lucky. If not, I’m feeling your pain on Mother’s Day.

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