Monday, June 22, 2009

from Linda...

On our recent trip to Ohio we ran into our friends and fans, Linda and her husband David in Columbus. There were a few records that she didn't know about that I let her in on. Here's her impression of "I'll Drink To That!"...

'Stay away from your heroes' nearly prevented me from saying so- BUT, you were right; my discs came today, and this one's a must have- Awesome.
& Al Anderson is a f***ing monster on Bad enough to crawl.
But what's really getting me, is this original version of Mr Busdriverman-
MAN, I was holding fairly contained up til that, but it just percolates, and it's impossible to keep your tush planted in a chair. It's fortunate that my office has a door and window shades, because without the benefit of the accompanying audio, I must appear to be having an ass-seizure up in here, if there is such a thing.
Or else my Tourette's (-sp?)- is kicking in. Also, I have to say this -you absolutely own it, with '37 miles'-I got chills the first time I heard you guys play it. Anybody can 'COVER' one, but nobody's had the stones or wordsmith power enough to write a convincing Bo Diddley Beat song- at least one worthy of a BO Diddley beat, SINCE Bo, and Buddy- so hats off, because that's a really tall order-been meaning to tell you that.
ok, so embarrassing gush-fest over - it's really good stuff, we're SO going to enjoy it.

She's a good'ern!!

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