Thursday, March 05, 2009

there goes the neighborhood

Man, the sun came screaming in this morning after yesterday’s ravaging of the thick forest behind our house adjacent to our back yard (where we used to lose many a golf ball). It was really wild how fast they knocked it all down. They had this machine that went through like a beaver. It was grabbing the trees up about 8-10 feet while sawing at the bottom, and then throwing them aside pretty much wherever it wanted to. It took all day but they cleared about 20 acres AND hauled off all of the larger trees, leaving not much but a large area of stumps and destruction. The birds and squirrels were freaking out in my yard. They were the ones saying “there goes the neighborhood!” I was saying here COMES the neighborhood. I’ve heard rumors of condos and/or a shopping strip but you never know, hell it’ll prolly end up being a trailer park! Uuugh!