Tuesday, March 03, 2009

life imitating art

Here's a bit of irony. Something I didn't realize about the new record, "National Champions". Like the song "Pow'ful Merka" sez:

"They're made in China putting people outta work in Pow'ful Merka"


jeff said...

Not sure there's as much irony there, as naivete. I have a keener appreciation of the ironic than most, but I confess...I don't see it here. You're saying that it's ironic that a song you wrote is on a record that was actually manufactured in China?

Perhaps the real irony is that we have people that behave as if their actions and decisions exist in a vacuum...that any negative consequences are always the results of what someone else has done.

If you nurture a society of weakness, then weakness is what you will most likely, eventually, reap. If you've snuggled up to the whores, how can you act surprised when you wake up with the crabs?

I don't call that ironic. I call it disappointing.


TA said...

...or perhaps the company we hired in America subbed the work out to China. That would be closer to the truth.