Friday, March 06, 2009


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The OakTeam got in THE van last night and traveled to nearby Durham, North Carolina to entertain the folks at the Addy Awards ceremony in the new Durham Performing Arts Center. Of course, the big stage there had to be reserved for the awards show itself (as local advertizing agencies recognized their best) so we said it was cool if they would rather us play in the lobby. So we did, and MAN! did them people LOVE them some OakTeam! I saw one lady actually tapping her foot! We did an hour before the big event and then an hour after so the folks could get CRAZY! And that is just what they did. What was especially encouraging was how they (she) flocked to the stage (floor) area when we started in on some of the new songs. I knew right then we had some hits on "National Champions" (out next week). Our friend, Mike Allen got us this rare Thursday night gig and took a few shots at us:

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Thanks Mike, we had a blast!

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