Friday, March 06, 2009

hang in there people!

Have you noticed how nobody’s got a sense of humor anymore? It’s kinda like going to a family reunion and hearing somebody shout
“…and just what is THAT supposed to mean!?” Everybody’s got a chip on their shoulder and every day it seems to get worse. I know things are bad. A lot of people are out of work and I pray that you are not one of them, but even when I’m struggling to stay busy I TRY to at least STILL be able to laugh at myself. It’s hard at times, but all I gotta do is walk by a mirror, or listen to a failed attempt at a song or look at some old pictures. Lately, I’ve been busier than a one armed paper hanger, yes. But some of the reason I don’t blog as much anymore is that people are so damn uptight. I’m worried I’m gonna piss somebody off. I’m an alcoholic and drink enough to ward off depression in this bad economy (especially as I am a happy drunk) but I certainly don’t recommend it for ANYbody else. I am one of a kind, ask my wife. But when you get in dire straights and start feeling stepped on by the world and especially our economy, check out these two movies; “Caddyshack” and/or “Pootie Tang”. Both are capable of giving you a bit of a break from the stress of today’s dog eat dog (and anything else it can find) world. They are two of my favorites. During last Monday’s snow, Will and I watched “Caddyshack” twice, back to back. And if watching either of these movies doesn't help to break the ice, God bless you and hell, all I can say is... TAKE A DAMN DRANK!


Anonymous said...


I'm drinkin cheap beer and watching "Fridays"....What else is there to do on a Friday night in Bunn????


Another Happy Drunk - JW

Anonymous said...

Somebody has to write the things that I see in your blog. I mean, we're all thinkin' it so write TA, write!


This is rich - the verification word for my post is baccus.