Sunday, March 08, 2009

can you hear me now? hello?

I’ve had my new phone now for about 4 days and I think I’ve just about got it figgered out. The green button lets me talk to whoever is calling and the red button lets me hang up. That’s about as far as I’ve gotten. It didn’t ring all day Friday and my my wife later told me it was on “airplane mode”, whatever that is. I took it to 2 different Verizon stores and hell, THEY couldn’t figger it out! They couldn’t transfer my contacts successfully so I guess I’ll have to go to a 3rd store or sit my dumb ass down and type’m in myself! At least we got’m for free! (I always remember what Terry Adams said: “there AIN’T no free!”) Grace and I were looking new phones with the QWERTY keyboards so they would be EASIER to text on. She gets a discount through her work so we ordered it on-line never actually touching the thing. She’s a lot further along on the SMT5800 than I am so she’s been helping me a lot. But still, I might have to take a few classes over at Wake Tech just to be able to get to the point that I was on my last phone. I’m working hard at it though and if I can keep it off of airplane mode I might even learn enough to record my next record on it! Keep calling, I’ll figger it out!
UPDATE!: The update on this bitch is that I went to the 3rd Verizon store today and stood around for an hour and a half while the dumbasses back there couldn't load my contacts...AGAIN!! OK... I'm doin' it manually! Verizon... You are not my friend!

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Anonymous said...

since verizon already isn't your friend, you probably don't want them 'sharing' your information.

I found this helpful and incase you don't already know about it....