Tuesday, February 03, 2009

CD update

(not the cover)
In preparation for the release of the next record, “National Champions”, we asked friend and Rock critic {No Depression, The Independent (of Raleigh} Rick Cornell to say a few words for our “onesheet”, the info retail outlets receive with the product. It’s looking like it’s gonna be an April streetdate. We’ll have them at the shows before then of course AND be taking pre-sale orders, which will come with OAKTeam prizes! Stay tuned. Here’s what Rick had to say:
You'll be forgiven for thinking that Terry Anderson would have run out of songs by now. He's been at it for over 30 years, and his tunes have stocked the shelves for the Fabulous Knobs, the Woods, the Yayhoos, various other Dan Baird enterprises, and, of course, the Olympic Ass Kickin Team. But, nope, here he is back with another batch -- songs about sex, women, sexy women, America the Contradictory, Barry Bonds, and a little more sex -- and it just might be his best collection yet. He and the mighty OAK Team surround the stories with a busting-at-the-seams sound that caroms back and forth between chicken-fried power pop and huge-speaker barband rock (with one stop for real soul number), and everything goes down easy. Anderson is a music lifer, and I'd like to officially request a lifetime pass.


Cary from CT said...

Can't Hardly Wait!

Anonymous said...

Congrats, can;t wait to get my hands on that new cd! I likes that cover.