Thursday, February 05, 2009

Salad days

I’m starting to feel the effects of doing my diet thing I do when I feel like things are starting to get out of control. I’m on it three days and counting now. Years ago I went from 196 to 146 pounds in just a few months. I know, I’m sure it was a dangerous way to do it but that was mostly to get rid of the whole yeast in the lungs thing. It kinda HAD to be done that way. “What way?” you say. Well, I like to say I was “Atkins” before Atkins was cool. It became popular after ’97 when I was doing it. I have to say though that 30 of those pounds FELL off in about a month when I quit drinking a 12 pack every night and the other 20 got gone when I got off of white potatoes. Anyway I’ve gotten back on it and there’s nothing better to keep you on a diet than RESULTS. I may not look it yet but I feel it. So what does a fish eating “vegetarian” have to eat that’s low/no carbs? Well lately, I’ve been sticking to salad with a side of grilled tuna or jerk salmon. Today for lunch I took uhhh…sardines. Yeah hell, I’ll eat a damn sardine. They’s good for ya. I was proud of myself when I walked by the ice cream cooler last night and saw Eskimo Pie ice cream on a stick dipped in dark chocolate on close-out special, $1.99!!!...for 6!! Shit, 3 days ago I would’a had that in the cart and eatten 2 on the way home. But NOOOO!!! I went for the sardines instead. That’s some willpower right there, boy! There’s no way I’m gonna be as strict about it as I was a dozen years ago, that was madness! Literally! I never realized how spaced out you got without carbs in your diet, especially doing it weeks at a time. So I think I’ll TRY to be a little more reasonable about it, maybe doing 3 days on /one day off, including wine….damnit! I gotta get back to my fighting weight by the end of the month when we shoot the video for “You Had Me at Get Lost”. Now I just got to figger out what to do about my hair!


Anonymous said...

I feel ya T. I'm a buck 95 (biggest ever!). I'll race you to 180. See who has the most "girlish" figger at da beach this summer! :~)
Barry H

Anonymous said...

I dropped that spread once over a damn woman. I even bought food and forgot to eat it. There's nothing like finding an 8 day old Wendy burger under a pile of junk in the van, in August. Never again! (Women, yes; craziness, no). But you are right. When I quit drinking coke I lost 15 pounds.