Saturday, January 31, 2009

masterin' day

Brent Lambert seen here working hard on the new OAKTeam record. We were exhausted after a full day of VERY close listening. It was all worth it though as the mixes REALLY opened up
from Brent's efforts. It rocks like 40 Hells now!
Brent took Jack and me to this great Mediterranian place in Downtown Chapel Hill for lunch.
Brent's great fun to hang around with.
He's got lots of great stories. Did you know he was in the first Caddyshack movie?
I told him we'd have to make more records just so we could hang out more.


Anonymous said...

So how was the falafel?
BTW is that food photos thing a Yayhoos thing? Roscoe does this all the time, I recall ;-)

Anonymous said...

Couldn't find Brent on IMDB...

Mick said...

A new OAK Team record and a Mott THe Hoople reformation - it's looking like a good year this year