Sunday, January 25, 2009

drankin' and drivin'

I love hangin’ out at the Bunn Laundromat on a Sunday morning. I learn so much. Like here’s something I didn’t know; when you get a couple of DUI’s and they put on that machine that you gotta blow through to start your car, it costs $225 to put the damn thing in and then it’s $85 a month for every month it’s on there. My man’s daughter had it put on for 7, yes SEVEN years, having gotten TWO DUI’s back to back. Add that up, mmmm….carry the one….mumble mumble…times 8…plus tax….yep, $7140!!!!
Add that to your insurance more than doubling, still wanna drank and drive?
After the mastering of the new OakTeam record got snowed out last week, we do so tomorrow in Carborro, NC. Burnside Distribution has allowed us to turn it in late and still git it out by the time we head to SXSW in March.


roscoe said...

Learn sumpin' every day!

Ace said...

Voy esta Veracho = I feel a drunk comin own.