Wednesday, December 10, 2008

HBO-OAKT Christmas!

Again this year, Christmas plops its big ‘ol fat ass right down on top of my birthday. For the first hundred years or so I let it get to me and just dealt with it, having hardly any fun at all. But for the past eight years (and soon to be nine) I’ve fought back by having my own party, first down at The Brewery and now at The Pour House. Its usually a big night with a good crowd of a couple of hundred fans and friends and the occasional walk-ins. This year’s show is gonna be a doozy! A WHOLE NIGHT of NON-STOP ROCK! First, Chip Robinson’s HBO (Heavy Beat Outfit) starts things off at eight o’clock, playing songs from his new CD, “Mylow”. Next up, The OakTeam, with songs from OUR new record. I’m sure there will be a tribute to David Enloe at some point, as has become custom, especially since it was HIS birthday too! Dave Adams has asked to come up and sing one, that should be good. Chip wants to videotape the whole thing in case I’m too old to do it again next year and you KNOW you wanna be a part of THAT! It’s a good way to put the wraps on Christmas. So save $7 from that tenner your Grandma slipped you and come on down!
The Pour House
December 25th, 2008
7pm doors, 8pm showtime

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