Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday Update

It was a pretty busy week in the 411 Pod Studio this past week. We had Jon hard at work Monday night, Wednesday night and Saturday finishing up first mixes of all the tunes for the record. I kinda compare these mixes to combing your hair with an afro pic as opposed to the final mixes which we will go through with a fine tooth comb. We’ll all make notes over the weekend and come back in starting this Monday night and fix what bugs us. Still, it could be March before all is said and done and this thing is blasting your ears out on your iPod. My favs are still (in this order)“Goin’ or Comin’”, “Had me at Get Lost”, “Lost Your Number” (a lot of “LOST” songs ,huh? Hey! But there’s also “Found Missin”!) and “Indy 500”…Oh! And look out for a little thing we’re calling “Up-Chuck”. Your favs will be different, that’s what’s great about music. I DO know, that EVERYBODY in The OakTeam plays their asses off on this thing.
This week, BESIDES final mixes, we gotta get started putting the show together for Christmas night. We’ve got a couple of local guest stars who wanna do David songs or Woods songs so we’ll rehearse them Thursday night…and then figger out when to rehearse with Chip!
See now why I never have time to blog?!

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