Sunday, September 14, 2008

dave's kit

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Saturday was another fun day of recording the new record. Dave let us use his little kit (he’s nice like that) that he plays with Tres Chicas and they sounded amazing. This in turn ALWAYS makes drums more fun to play and just like when a guitar player picks up another great sounding guitar, it’s just downright inspiring. Jack wanted to recut “About You” a little slower and I wasn’t opposed because after singing the scratch vocal it was obvious that I needed the key knocked down a step to C, so we did. The result was a more relaxed feel and the drums gave it more of a Petty sound which is kinda what I was hoping for in the first place. They REALLY sound like Stan Lynch now. While we were at it we decided to cut an old chestnut of mine, “Found Missin’”. It’s a rockin’ little number a la Dave Edmunds “DE7”, a genre that I’m never afraid to visit and wish I could write more of frankly. This new version will be the definitive one.


Mike Elliott said...

I remember "Found Missin'" - talk about some Chuck Berry-inspired rawk'n'roll! And was just recently hoping it would one day find a home...lookin' forward to hearin' the "definitive version"!!

Anonymous said...

If the definitive version rocks like the version on "all my worst ..." then it must be a keeper. I love that track.