Friday, September 12, 2008


So I’m watchin’ disc one of “Hail hail, Rock and Roll” and it gets to the part when they are talking to Chuck’s dad. It turns out that Chuck’s dad was blind until he was 12 and then he got his ears pierced and then his eyesight came back.

HUH! Is you crazy! Like I’m fiddin’ to bleeb that! That just don’t make no damn sense to me! Anyhoo..check it out and if you’re having trouble finding it, it’s right before the scenes in and outside of the Fox Theater in St. Louis. This is the very same theater that Roscoe made a U-turn out in front of and sent St. Louis police-folks into a tizzy! “Hey hey, you can’t do that!” UH, he just did, yo…
It was a bad scene but a damn funny one.

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