Friday, November 09, 2007

Truck full o’ Rock 2

Gig two of the “Truck full ‘o Rock” Tour was about as much fun as a “grown up” can have without getting’ arrested. When you got the owner out there dancing her ass off, you know you’re doing something right. And we were too, “hitting on all cylinders” as they say. Every head in the house was bobbin'!The big ballroom stage at The Beachland in Cleveland is awesome. It’s tall enough for Dave to do his really high Pete Townsend jump and wide enough to chase each other around on. We had the tops to our road cases scattered across the stage so that we could climb on them and get the small but enthusiastic crowd involved. Like our crowd in Chicago, they traveled near and far to see us which really made us feel good. The winners for tonight’s event was Randy Lininger and his hottie wife, who came from St. Mary’s, OH (or something like that) which was about 3 hours away. Florence Dore and her friend danced all night. She actually got the whole thing started from about song 3 on. They came up front and flailed much of the night. Who knows how many songs we played (at least 25) but we did slip one in that we’d never played before, The Beatles “All Too Much”. It was the same arrangement that The Woods used to play. We were listening to old stuff and marveling at how great David was when we came across it in the van.
We also did a really good version of “Easy (like Sunday morning)” in soundcheck, so watch out Lexington. If we gotta play a long time tonight (which I think we do) you might get a whiff of it. OK, I’m reaching for the Advil now.

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Anonymous said...

"It's all too much" is one of my favorite songs!!