Saturday, November 10, 2007

All the way from Bristol

I don’t know what it is about Lexington, but we sure do get a lot of people “off the street” when we play there. And by that I mean street people, them folks that talk to themselves, get possessed by the demons in the music and start flailing and break dancing and all that. It never fails. But regular folks at Lynagh’s Pub were having a good time last night too. The locals that have become our friends were all out drinking and dancing and getting on stage and making complete fools of themselves. One Scott Luallen (Nine Pound Hammer “singer”..I LOVE picking on him!) in particular was having an extra fine time. He made his grut noises as we performed “Battleship Chains”. I guess you could call it singing. “Fifty foot long and a nine pound hammer!” I was almost kinda sad that Earl (ex-9lb. bass player who was always historically wasted at our...and anybody else’s…gig) was the one taking care of him. Scott’s great though, he’s helped us a bunch. He set up a fine newspaper piece on us written by Walter Tunis that was in yesterday’s Lexington paper. Can’t play golf fer shit though. I came up here and wore his ass out one time. Beat him 6 strokes, and that was for nine holes…on his home course! He’s needs to get off my boy Tyler Hansbrough too!
All in all, we of course rocked like ass. The highlight of the night was our first time performance ever of The Commodores “Easy”. Oh Lawd!! The panties was dropping y’all! Er’body was sangin’ along, dancin’ and shit. Big Daddy took the lead vocal and the rest of us laid the “ahhhs” behind him. It was UN-FREAKIN-BELIEVABLE! Priceless, as they say.
The long distance award goes to my friends from Bristol. No, not Tennessee, England! Phil and Lindy are always at Yayhoos shows when we play anywhere close to them in Great Britain. They are really charming and a lot of fun. They have a friend here in Kentucky that they just happened to be visiting and as it turned out, their friend had a gig also last night and they ditched him to come see us. And by the amount of dancing that Lindy did, I got the impression that they were glad they came. Good times, good times.
The news is that David Enloe has been moved from the hospital to a nursing/rehab facility to fight it out. Here’s one guy who’s hoping he wins.


Anonymous said...

just saw this about Enloe. I hope he recovers. What exactly is wrong with him, sorry if you already said in previous post but all I could find was mention of liver problems. I'm a big fan of all of yours and went to many a Woods show in the day. My prayers go out for him. I know well what you've done since Woods, did he stay involved in music in any way?

TA said...

He didn't really stay involved in music. When he moved to Minn. he worked and didn't play much. He really lost his chops and wasn't nearly as good on the few reunion shows we did. Recently though, he really had the desire to get out and rock again.