Thursday, November 08, 2007

grit whistle

The fun has begun out here on the road y’all. We were like a van fun of monkeys yesterday on the way to Chicago, all excited about rockin’ again. Greg (sometimes known as Grady) flew to the gig so he missed out on a few really stupid things.
When we woke up in Louisville Wed. morning we decided that since we gained an hour that day that we would have time to go to the Louisville Slugger baseball bat manufacturing plant and museum. It was cool seeing our favorite baseball player’s bats being made right before our eyes. What wasn’t so fun though was that when we got back in the van, “Evangeline”, with our mini replica complimentary bats Jack (or Josh to some) started beating the hell outta everything in sight, including my bag...with my computer in it! Bitch! You will be done broke something up in there! Luckily, as you can tell it survived but I was worried there for a minute.
We got up the road and needed to eat, so when I saw the sign for “Waffle House FAMILY RESURAUNT” I HAD to check it out. Sure enough, this was no Waffle House as we know it. The wrinkled up waitress swore that they were the first with the name and that Waffle House was paying THEM to use it. Uhhh, yeah lady. When our food arrived I was in the potty, so when I got back to the table I reached rudely over Josh and grabbed the pepper. Upon returning to my upright position, the string around my neck that held my key to the van and (as Sarah Borges called it) my “do-not-rape-me” whistle slapped grits all over my belly. Seems they had dipped into my bowl as I leaned over. Well that was a treat. So I went to the bathroom again to clean that mess up, therefore allowing my very flat omelet to get cold. Ahh! Life on the road!
Back in the van, after about 30 minutes I got pissed off at the stain from the ooky margarine on my shirt and just took it off, riding for a while shirtless. One trucker seemed to really like what he saw, giving me a little beep on his horn. HEY! Don’t make me blow this grit whistle!
We got to the club and everything went perfectly. Bill Fitgerald was awesome, Sarah Borges was awesome and Greg Rice (arriving from the friendly skies just 40 minutes before gigtime) and his OakTeam were awesome and ESPECIALLY awesome was the crowd, who showed up strongly, many of them from the Old Folks School of Dance Music Show we did back in July with Robbie Fulks (a no-show bitch last night!).
It was a really great time in Chicago and it was really great seeing what I consider to be our true fans. On to Cleveland for more fun!
Pics up soon!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome show at Fitzgerald's last night! You rocked the house. Thanks for making Chi-town a part of the tour.