Tuesday, November 27, 2007

late great


December 25,1956-November 27,2007

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Anonymous said...

Terry, thank you for guiding us all through this with your blog. David was a lucky man to have a friend like you throughout his life. We will all miss him greatly.

Peter H

Jeff Hart said...

so terribly sorry to hear of his passing. i agree, you jack and keith and so many others were so very good to david. this is going to be a hard day for all of those who loved him.

Eve said...

Dave Enloe, as I'll always remember him. Good lookin', funny, crazy badass Dave, in the quintessential rock n' roll pose.

Thanks for letting us know.

You're all in my thoughts today.


Anonymous said...


I don't have the words right now, but please know the entire "Woods" family is in my thoughts and prayers.

If you need to get away, my front porch swing is always open...

Joey and Alicia & kids

Holden Richards said...

I'll echo what Peter said and give thanks for your writings and reminders of David. We'll miss him.
Holden Richards

roscoe said...

love and sympathy to all. RIP David.

Anonymous said...

thanks also terry. words just can't express. lotta memories.

dick hodgin

Anonymous said...

The band of Angels will never be the same again! Rawk on David.

Harry Simmons

David said...

Don't really think I've ever considered the phrase "rest in peace" so appropriate.

Joining in wishing David the most restful, welcome peace.

dave g said...


Anonymous said...

It's been a long time, old friend. I was shocked to see Dick's bulletin on myspace, and I am sending warm thoughts to all who love David. He will be sorely missed! We have many fond memories of the times we spent with you guys. With love, Jody, W-S, NC

Anonymous said...

He was an angel in waiting.
Waiting for wings to fly from this world,
Away from his pain
Treasuring time, til time came to leave,
Leaving behind sweet memories.
Angel in waiting; angel in waiting for wings.

(Tammy Cochran lyrics from "Angels in waiting")

Anonymous said...

The lights here just dimmed, and heaven got a little brighter. Terry, you have been such a good "brother", he was lucky to have you, as you him. My thoughts are with you, your family and David's. His friends and fans sure are gonna miss him!
*hugs* Jane and Danny

Sherry said...

Words cannot express my profound sadness for you losing your best friend, Terry. And for Davids passing. I shall keep him in my memory forever. May you find comfort in family, friends and the knowledge that you were best buddies. Hugs from afar. Sherry

Anonymous said...

Since music is my religion of choice...it only follows that church, for me, has always taken place on Friday and Saturday nights... in fellowship with other seekers of the healing powers of rock'n'roll.
Needless to say, the Knobs and Woods presided over some of the finest sermons I ever witnessed...with the Reverand David Enloe punching out heavenly riffs on guitar.
Preach on David and peace be with you. --cabot--

Michael said...

I'm so sad to hear that David is gone but I'll always have a smile in my heart when I think of him. My thoughts go out to all of his family and friends, and especially, Terry.

- Mike Kurtz

Anonymous said...

My prayers go out to all of those that were so close to David. You were all such good friends to him. I am so sorry for the loss of your friend.

Marianne Taylor

Bobzilla said...

I'm so glad I got to see David last night. And you and Jack, too.

Right now, there's one helluva band getting ready to crank up in heaven...

Anonymous said...

What you have done for David is truly amazing. Celebrating his life with others and sharing those memories with us. I continue to enjoy reading your blogs and really love these "old school" pics you have posted. David was lucky to have such caring friends!


Anonymous said...

I'm very sorry for your loss, TA.
peace and sympathy to all his family & friends. beth

Anonymous said...

God bless David. My sympathies to all his friends he left behind.

Tom C.

Anonymous said...

Deepest sympathy to all who knew & loved David - I never met him but feel like I know him from the great things said about him on here over the years.

Anonymous said...

I have been remembering Woods shows all day today. I can still see David's right arm pulling up across his guitar strings in that way that was only David. Those shows were magical to me. Getting a look from David was like giving a girl a handful of gold. I am so glad that I got to dance and sing at his feet. I feel lucky and sad toady. I got to be a fan but I won't get to have that feeling again.
~Amy W.

Anonymous said...

Give all our condolences to his family. Thanks for sharing Terry. I hope you are making it through okay.
James and Crystal.

Tim W said...

May David Rest in Peace. Condolences to all who knew David and especially to his brothers and extended musical family. I'm sorry I lost touch with the Raleigh crew. And Terry, you're very special to stand by David and keep all of us posted despite your personal pain and dealing w your father at the same time.

from Texas said...

David had the heart and soul of a true artist. Our memories of Raleigh and his music will live on forever. What a friend he had in you, Terry - with him through it all...till the very end...a testament of your true character and spirit.

Donna & Peter Hill
Houston, TX

Anonymous said...

We are so sorry for your loss. You will always have David with you through the music you created together as well as the special bond you had as life long friends. David, his family and you are in our prayers, Mike & Mabel

Grumphreys said...

terry, very sad to hear about david... he was a great musician and will be missed.

Ace said...


I know times really suck now. And there's no way of avoiding them. Just take comfort that David is in God's hands now and your father is in God's will. Just give Grace and the boys all the Love you've got and know that no matter how long we live, it's never long enough.

David will be with you always in memory; and you in him. That's what we're here for. That's all we can take with us.


The Andres family

Anonymous said...

Terry, my heartfelt sympathy.
We all know such hard times. Just don´t forget, that when ever one doore may close, another one will open.
Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Rock Star,

Terry B and I are awfully sorry for the loss of David and extend our condolences to Susan, Mark, Steve, and all of David's larger, not-related-by-blood-but-family-nevertheless family.

We were but fans and aquaintances of David's but were crazy about him and the music he made. Despite his position atop the altar of Cool, where his talent placed him, he was always down to earth and genuine in one-on-one encounters. The last time I saw him, at Bob's back in the early summer, we talked about doing a tour of fish camps down in the Sandhills. He got too sick to go before we could pull it off.

You are much deserving of kudos, Rock Star, for providing such a richly described look at David's life. We all appreciate it.

We'll be seeing you by December 25 if not before. Hang in there, buddy, it's all going to get better by and by.

Foy and Terry Beal

Anonymous said...

I am so sad to hear of David's passing. My friend Lise and I used to call him "Eyes"....for obvious reasons. Heartfelt condolences to TA and all David's family and friends. I'm enjoying your photos and the memories.

Leigh Stanley in CA

Susan Trent said...

David was an amazing musician and a loving husband and stepfather, as well.

I am so gratified to see how many people David touched.

Love to you and Grace.

Anonymous said...

I had not realized David was so sick. I've been out of the area for a long time now. My thoughs are with you Terry, as well as with the rest of the Knobs/Woods families. And Terry, the Woods were a whole lot more than "kinda" good. You guys ROCK.


Anonymous said...


You and Jack are (and have been) in my prayers and thoughts. Y'all take care of yourselves and each other.

God bless David Enloe.


Anonymous said...

Terry my heartfelt condolences to you, Jack and all the other musicians and friends who knew David. Like I said before, you are a good man. Great news about your father! Here's to his continueing improvement. God bless you and David's family in this time of sorrow.

Peace love and happiness

Anonymous said...

David will live on in my memory of the probably 20+ Woods shows I caught in Chapel Hill in the late 80's early 90's. Thank goodness I have the disc to pull out every month or two to commemorate that time. Though I don't know you guys personally I feel like part of my youth died with David and I suddenly feel much older. My condolences to everyone who did know David and loved him, especially you and his wife and family. You've done him real good with your tribute and he was lucky that his final days were amongst friends. Thanks and I hope you rock on and blog on forever.