Monday, November 26, 2007

Hercules! Hercules!

Y’all remember that guy on one of the early American Idol seasons? Every time he’d make it through to the next round he’d be jumping up and down, clapping his hand shouting “Hercules! Hercules!” Well, that’s the way I felt tonight when I went to see my dad and he was sitting in a chair, no breathing tube shoved down his throat, eyes open and smiling and talking to me the best he could (without his teeth in). He was understanding me fine (more than I was him!) but occasionally he would say something that made me think that he was still a little bit under the influence of the drugs, like “it’s snowing!” dad, it’s NOT snowing, not right now. All in all, we had a pretty good (albeit short) conversation and I assured him that he was gonna be fine. I walked out of ICU and immediatly called my sister and told her about the breakthrough (mind you, he’s been sedated for 2 weeks!). I could hear her crying and inside I knew she was feeling the same way I was… “Hercules! Hercules!”

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Anonymous said...

Great news Terry, hope he'll regain full health fast!