Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Many thanks to all...

On behalf of not only myself and Jack but wife, Susan and brothers, Steve and Mark I can’t begin to thank everyone enough for the outpouring of emotions on David’s passing. We all feel your warm thoughts and your prayers. Some of the comments on the blog were really heart wrenching, as have been the Emails and phone calls I’ve received. It’s really a tough time for everybody. Many musical families and extended families have shared their love. Not only fans but guitar players, bass players, drummers and singers near and far have reminded me of the times that David touched them, somehow making them appreciate music and love life even more. I know a lot of people really loved David and believe me when I tell you that he loved each and every one of you too.
My dad was just coming around today. He was getting emotional about his ordeal. As he slowly got clearer of mind he asked about David. “How’s David?” “Not doing too good” I told him. “Is he still over there?” “Yeah” I said. I had to lie. He was already getting post surgery depression; I didn’t want to upset him. I’ll have to tell him later. He loved David and David loved him too. David’s ears would perk up in the hospital bed as I would answer inquiries as to my dad’s condition. He was genuinely worried for him.
People have mentioned how much I have done as far as being there as a friend for David. I accept no credit for that. My blog entries were for all of the people who loved David and needed to know how he was doing. I was also hoping to prod them over to hang out with him. I couldn’t be there all of the time (nor could anyone else, for that matter) and I hated the thoughts of him being alone. A wise man said “If you're doing something that you love, you never work a day in your life”. I wasn’t going out of my way, I promise. I wish I could have done more.
I know no one really feels like laughing right now but I HAVE to share a story. Today, after visiting with my dad I saw fit to continue the best I could with life as usual. When my mom died I found it therapeutic to go to work and keep on keeping on, as I know she would have wanted me to do…as would David. Of course, I fielded a lot of calls which made it hard to keep my mind on my work but at the same time I was more than happy to talk about David. You may remember that in the middle of last week I mentioned that on top of all else that I had going on, my van “broke down”. I got in the thing one night after hanging out at the studio, listening to Rick Richards (did I mention that he was and is a BADASS!?) cut some tracks and when I turned the key nothing happened. There was nary a click or anything! My immediate thoughts were…battery. Nope. The lights shine bright. I call my buddy Bob Passarelli, “what could it be?” Starter, he says. OK. So this is just before Thanksgiving and so it’s just gonna have to sit here for a few days before I can get a starter and get Bob to help me put it in. On Friday afternoon I get one, two excruciating hours and $140 later we finally get it in. I turn the key, DAMNIT! Still, nothing! We go through all of the fuses, relays…everything, can’t figger it out! At this point I throw up my hands and ask “what else can go wrong?” This is about when I hit rock bottom. You gotta just stand back and hope that shit fixes itself sometimes. So today I stop by the van to pick up some stuff I needed for work and just happened to have the key with me. What the hell, I’ll give it another whirl. I stick the key and turn it..still nothing. But this time I notice something. There’s a bright “R” shining just over the steering wheel. “No!” I say to myself. Could I be THAT damn stupid? Oh yeah, no doubt I CAN be that stupid…but am I? I reach up and push the shifter one more notch to the left. Turn the key..VAROOOM! The bitch cranks right up. THE DAMN THING WAS IN REVERSE!! NOT PARK!
I could hear David laughing at me “HA! DUMBASS!”


Anonymous said...

Gives a new meaning to "37 miles in reverse" huh?

Susan Trent said...

Terry, your support has meant the world to me during this awful time. And thank you for recognizing how much I love David. It has been tremendously gratifying to see how many people David touched.

To everyone reading this: David was not only an incredible musician, but he was also a sweet and loving husband and stepfather. He could fix anything, make any plant grow, and make the best damned cornbread you ever put in your mouth.

I love you and Grace for everything you've done.