Sunday, November 11, 2007

3 strikes

Hey Knoxville, you missed out on seeing a really great band and a WHOLE lotta fun! After three tries in your unfair town we’re calling off the dogs. The first time we were at Patrick Sullivan’s there were the same 2 guys from Atlanta there that were there last night, taper guys. And that was pretty much our audience, other than Scott Miller and his drunk buddy (drunk and drunker) from The Commonwealth. Which, those guys are really talented and cool and it was fun hangin’ with’m. Trip number 2, we had a few more local musicians, Tim Lee and his wife and one or two others. This time despite the best efforts of writer, Steve Wildsmith at The Daily Times, who wrote a really nice piece on us this weekend, we took a step back to zero. That’s ZERO people from Knoxville in attendance, just the two guys from Atlanta and our friend and videographer from Nashville (once a Raleighite), Steve Boyle and his cute daughter. There’s more to life than football folks, so get a grip and get up off the couch and go out and have a good time every once in a while. Give the next rock and roll band that comes through a chance, it won’t be us. Not without a WHOLE lotta cha-ching! That’s town #2 with an X by it’s name. #1...Durham.
OK, all that outta the way, now let me get my ass up the road and go back home so I can upload y’all some really dumbass pictures!
Let it rock!


Anonymous said...

Terry. Is the Scott Miller of Commonwealth and V-Roys fame the same guy who appeared on your latest studio record?


TA said...

no, he's not the same guy but they are both very talented.

Travis said...

Bring that show down to AR and we'll show ya how to fill the house.