Thursday, October 25, 2007

sorry, Outback..

Well, the dust has settled on the bidding war for our Rock services on the night of Nov. 9th. Just like that, the date was filled and thankfully in a town where we rule. Yes, Lexington, KY. It’s you! And the venue is Lynagh’s. It should be good too because the other club, The Dame has a funk jam band booked that night so we will be the sole purveyors of the Rock in town. So here’s what it looks like:
Nov. 7 Fitzgerald’s Chicago
Nov. 8 Beachland Ballroom Cleveland
(listen that night at 8pm for an acoustic appearance on WRUW)
Nov. 9 Lynagh’s Lexington
Nov. 10 Patrick Sullivan’s Knoxville

Unfortunately, there won’t be time now for multi-margarita night
at Outback Steakhouse but we’ll be glad to have a Guinness or two with you
at the show. So call up ya buddies and take off work, you gotta make a Rock pilgrimage and catch one of these gigs. And don’t forget, on the 7th and 8th we’ll be playing with Sarah Borges. I can’t say enough how good her and her band are. See ya then!


Phil said...

Hey Terry

You were kind enough to give us a pre-release copy of When The OAKTeam Comes To Town when The Yayhoos visited London and Bristol last year. We're visiting friends in KY in ten days time so will be moving heaven and earth to get to the 9th Nov gig. But I gots to know: which of these Lynagh's is it:

Lynagh's Irish Pub & Grill
384 Woodland Ave, Lexington - +1 859-255-1292

Lynagh's Shamrock Bar & Grill
154 Patchen Dr # 87, Lexington - +1 859-269-7621

Hope to see you on the 9th!

Phil & Lindy

TA said...

That is awesome Phil, I really hope you can make it. I'd love to see you guys again.
We will be rocking this one:

Lynagh's Irish Pub & Grill
384 Woodland Ave, Lexington

See there folks, if they can come to the gig from England, you shouldn't mind driving for a couple of hours! Sheesh!

Anonymous said...

We'll be at Fitzgeralds.
So looking forward to it.
I missed it when you were there last year with the Yahoos.
Wont make that mistake this time.

I'll have a pint with your name on it waiting.

Ready to have my ass kicked,

Phil said...

Hey Terry

It's looking like Lindy and I will make it to the Lexington gig. We're deciding whether to stay over or drive back that night. What time will you start and finish?



TA said...

my guess in that place would be a 9-1pm show. Therefore, playing everything we know. Looking forward to seeing you guys. You'll be on the list.

Phil said...

Wow, thanks! The people we are staying with said they'd get the tickets for us, so we may have paid already, but we appreciate the gesture. We'll buy you a goddamn drank!!!

Phil & Lindy