Friday, October 26, 2007

Recording day 6

6, right? Hell, I’m already losing count. Damn, I’m ignunt! Anyhoo, on a very rainy (Thank God! This drought thing is getting scary bad. It’s dry as a popcorn fart around here!) Thursday night Jack, Jon and I sat twiddling our thumbs about what to do next recording-wise. I had too much to drink (again!) the night before and thought I was Steve Marriott for a while. I was jamming like hell on a thing and remembered it on the way up (it's really down) to Raleigh last night. So I wrote 4 stupid verses on my drive plus a chorus. That’s something that had kinda been missing from my/our records anyway. I told those guys that we needed something like a Humble Pie/(dare I say?) Foghat song and showed’m this diddy that I was calling "Going or Coming". Jack grabbed a bass and jumped right in. The arrangement fell into place after we stumbled through about 3 times and before I knew it (at 10pm) I was out there screaming those verses and choruses at the top of my 50 year old lungs. Jon did a few chops and created some holes for tension and damned if that thing wasn’t rocking our asses! Grown men got all silly, raising our hand and bobbing our heads like we were at an AC/DC concert. Can't wait to get Dickie and Grady in on it. This record is shaping up as something completely different…yet really cool.
Yeah, my MySpace thing got spammed again but I changed my password so it should be fine now. I’m sorry that other people are such assholes to create such a pain in my ass.
Will’s band is in the studio this weekend. They play great live so hopefully we’ll get a lot done.
Word to ya Mammy!

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