Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Nov. Tour

WooHoo! It’s time for another long OakTeam trip. I’m really looking forward to playing again for intelligent lifeforms that are ready to rock. This time we’re heading back to Chicago and playing Fitzgerald’s. We’ll be opening the show for Sarah Borges, one of my favorite new singers and songwriters (notice how I avoided using the hated “singer/songwriter” together tag). That date is Nov. 7th. I’ve been wanting The OakTeam to play this place for a long time so we plan on making the best of it. Be there Chi-Towners!
On the next night, the 8th, we’re headlining The Beachland Ballroom..yes, the BALLROOM, in Cleveland so that should be a lot of fun. Opening the show for us will be the very beautiful and talented Sarah Borges. That worked out pretty good huh? Cleveland rocks!...even on Thursdays!
Friday night, the 9th is still up in the air. My vote was to find an Outback Steakhouse and eat a big salad and drink a lot of Margaritas but I’m having trouble getting the rest of the guys (except for Greg…I mean, Grady) to go for it. So if you have any ideas about a show we can play between Cleveland and Knoxville on that night then let me know. Maybe there’s a birthday party, bar mitzvah or backyard hoedown we can get in on. We had a show in Louisville, but the band we would have played with got scared and wouldn’t follow us. Chickens! Bwak bwak bwak!
Saturday night the 10th, we’re back at Patrick Sullivan’s in Knoxville. We’re really looking forward to climbing the 80 steps upstairs with all that gear. It’s worth it though.
The room and stage are awesome. It’ll be after a Tennessee Vols football game too so maybe we’ll get some spillover from that. There’s your update.
Don’t forget to get back with about that Friday night gig. Maybe we can rock your town.
Rock like Ass!

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