Monday, October 08, 2007

recordin' day 3/ HB Will!

Well I just got in from another pretty dang rockin’ night of recordin’ and I gotta say weez really startin’ to have some fun. When everyone was there we decided to jump on in on another song instead of adding to what we had, although before they were there I did add pretty cool vocal thing to “Had me at Get Lost”. The first thing we did as a band was “Willy Mays”, a song I wrote about Barry Bonds and it rocks like the proverbial ass.
Thanks to quick learner Big Daddy Dave, who led the band with the arrangement as I played drums, we had that thing knocked out in about 3 takes. Next Greg grabbed the drumsticks and laid down the prefect groove for “Gone in a Cool Breeze”. No, not the Chuck thing, it’s my song about a cool breeze on a hot summer day blowing someone’s memory from your mind. It’s got a great New Orleans feel not unlike something The Band or Little Feat (the 30 years ago version, not today’s..sheesh!) would do and Greg had it going on so I gave up my seat to him. Hell, I had kinda thought about not playing drums at all on this record. That would be a little kooky though, I reckon. We put some organ tracks on some earlier stuff and called it a night, nary a drop taken by me in the process.
Hey! Today the 9th is Will’s 18th birthday! Y’all feel free to send him your Happy Birthday wishes. The more the merrier. Send’m to:

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