Monday, October 08, 2007

Columbus Day rockin''

Y'all need a good 'ol Columbus Day rockin'? check it out..
Thanks Ace!


Anonymous said...

Dang that rocks!

Ace said...

Yep T,

You and me was only 4 years old when these guys were rippin it up.
I just can't believe I never heard of these guys before.

Ace said...

Hey T,

I heard that for 3 bucks a throw you can look at that guys severed leg. umhumm (a buck for the childern) Have yall gone and had a peek yet????

Only in north Carolina could you have a lawsuit for the custody of a severed leg. Maiden NC, (near Charlot) A man kept his amputated leg in a meat smoker then lost it due to a public auction.

Check it out:

It's about halfway thru the segment. Funny as hell.

Anonymous said...