Wednesday, October 10, 2007

hi def

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We got us one of them new High Defication TV hookups and MAN! is it rockin’!
It is worth every damn penny. Hell, I’m gonna call DirecTV and ask if I can pay even MORE every month! Jesus! It reminds me of being in the third grade and getting glasses. All of a sudden, I could read the chalkboard! Wow! How in the hell, much like my glasses, did I live without it? I’ve had this 53”HD TV for about 3 years now and finally got around to getting the HD feed. Hell, NASCAR even looks great. I watched the last 6 laps of the race this past weekend just because it was beautiful to look at. Some things are dumb though. I mean who the hell needs to watch poker (period!) in HD or “Dog the bounty hunter” in HD? Sports, which is about all I watch, look amazing though, my favorite being golf. I can hardly wait for The Masters now.

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