Thursday, October 18, 2007

now at Notlame

Our new live record is available now at
They sure say a lot of nice things about us, I think they like it..


A kick-butt live album from Terry Anderson & Olympic Ass Kickin' Team! This is what REAL rock 'n roll is all about. All the flying shrapnel of 4 guys tearing it up and having a lot of fun and not taking themselves too seriously other than the responsibility of making sure their audience is right there alongside them in the journey. "If a flying saucer landed on our lawn tomorrow and the little green men asked, 'What's rock-and-roll?', we'd hand them this disc. Terry Anderson doesn't try to reinvent the music, he just distills it to its glorious essence - fast, loud and, above all, fun - and he does it with an uproarious, hick-happy brilliance. This live set serves up many of Anderson's greatest hits, or what should have been hits. He can do straight-up and melodic in winning fashion - see the likes of 'Weather or Not' and 'Sunday Dress.' But most of the time the North Carolinian and his mighty OAKTeam are gleefully tearing up pea patches like 'Daddy Had a Wreck' and 'I Feel a Drunk Comin' On.' The influences are obvious - NRBQ, Faces, Chuck Berry, etc. - but it's also clear how smartly and colorfully Anderson twists them to create his own indelible rock-and-roll personality!" - PhillyInquirer. So the best way to fill you in what is behind "Live!" is Terry Anderson's own recollections of the night: TERRY ANDERSON: " At 8:30pm on December 5th, 2006 in front of a "studio" audience we yelled to the back of the house at our favorite engineer, "Hey Jon, you ready?" and following his undecipherable response we kicked into the first song and never looked back until the last one was done. Hell yeah!....Magic! "Was that ALL of'm?" The hour went by so fast, and in the dust 18 songs were left wondering what had just hit'm. A quick switchover for our encore put Dave behind the kit and me on guitar. When all was said and done we had recorded 20 great tracks for your enjoyment in less than an hour and a half. ".
"Rock 'n' roll isn't brain surgery. It's not even a wart removal procedure. Rock 'n' roll is a ruckus. It's joyful noise, a yowl at the moon. It's adrenaline bottled for the ears. It's sex in the afternoon. It's--how you say?--fun. Terry Anderson has wanted to be in the middle of that kind of fun ever since he was a teenager."-Independent Weekly.

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And it does ROCK!
Buy it, folks!