Friday, October 19, 2007

Git yo ass back to NC, boy!

Got this update from longtime friend Bob Davis. He's travelling the world as tour accountant for Josh Grobin..

Now they're saying 6 dead and over 80 injured. Seems the explosion occurred inside the Guess store, where Janet and I had been shopping on Tuesday around the same time of day. As we all began to gather downstairs in our holding corral, I snuck away and walked over to the Outback, because I had promised April and Hazel that I would come say goodbye. They were closed (like everything else near the explosion), so I went a block further to get to where the bomb went off. Police and medical personnel everywhere still and I could only get so close. Gave up and headed back.
Our entourage pulled away from the hotel at 6 sharp. Party A (artist) in a 15p van, Party B (band & yours truly) in a 18p bus, and Party C (crew) in another 18p bus. We also had 2 SUV's of armed security, and 5 motorcycle cops. Each 18p bus had 3 security guys in them, as did the Party A van. Tripping me out.
I'm at the airport now, in the lounge. They oversold business class, so I got bumped to first class. As long as the terrorists don't blow up the plane, I'm outta here...


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FCB said...

I'm so glad he's all right. He had concerns about going there. Here's an article I found on the bombing: