Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Dinkies don't care!

It’s a damn shame to be making such great music and the world’s radios are rotting away from the shit they play. (Hey! That rhymed!) First, Monday night we had the whole Hee-Haw gang over at Jack’s taking turns on putting their parts onto our new big hit (that nobody knows about yet) called “You had me at Get Lost”. Dave came up with the perfect solo, and re-played his previous acoustic part with an electric, Telecaster… of course. Greg’s solo also fit the bill, a la Terry Adams. Man, them real drums on top of the looped ones rocks pretty damn OK. It actually has kind of a sing along drum part. Everybody and their brother will soon be going “BAP! BAP!” 17 year olds in muscle cars have been waiting for this song for a loooong time.
Tuesday, I finished up a painting job, working late and feeling like crap anyway from forgetting coffee. “Huh?” You say! “No coffee?!” Hard for me to believe I did the whole day without it. I just had so much to do to get this job done that’s all I could think of until it was too late! Ugh! Headache. Couple o’ Advils, couple of bottles of wine when I got home…Good Morning…
Today I had get up and bust ass cleaning up and getting ready for Big Al to show up to write. It’s been a while and it’s always an adventure. Writing with Al is sometimes the most fun you can imagine as a musician. I mean pure inspiration, and he came with it today. He tuned down to “A” and heard a really great melody in what I considered kind of an “X” chord. Of course, I carried my load too. I brought some delicious samplings (Song titles and tunes) from my kitchen also and together we’ve already got the beginnings of what could turn out to be a rock FEAST! Today we wrote two great songs, “Top Dollar” and “Never Living You Down” (BAD Assssssssss!)and one super sing-a-long Dinkies classic. In fact, it’s the Dinkies theme song. It’s called “The Dinkies Don’t Care”. It’s about the stupidest damn thing that you ever heard. (Well, other than Miss Teen South Carolina’s pageant answer) That’s why I love it! Back at I tomorrow, and we’re hoping to knock out about 3 more and then we may go out for dinner and then go see our friend, Monty Warren playing at Sadlack’s on Hillsborough Street. Join us won’t you?
Or don’t. Hell, The Dinkies don’t care!

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