Tuesday, October 30, 2007

high stress Monday

You can’t make this shit up people. Sometimes when it seems as though things can’t get any worse...they do. Like I referenced in a previous blog, my son Will and his band were working in the studio this weekend. His bass player, William spent the night Friday night after a gig they had at a church in Louisburg. They went for out for a walk to get a soda and were followed home by a kitten. Unbeknownst to me they were keeping her in the basement and just left her there when they went into the studio on Saturday. When my wife went down and found her she told Nathan about her and he fell in love with her, a big mistake. It ain’t gonna happen dude, no cats!
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Anyway, to make a long story longer, yesterday morning (Mon.) Will was dropping William off with his girlfriend when ANOTHER one of his low profile (high aggravation) tires blew out. I’m getting out of the shower when I get the call. I throw my clothes on and run out the door to pick them up. When I get there I find out that when they walked up to the nearest store to use the phone (nooo don’t take the cell phone, you won’t need it!) they (he) also had locked the keys in the car along with all of William’s stuff and yes…the cat, who was on the way home with the skinny bass player. So we go the 5 miles back home to get the spare key but realize it’s in the place where EVERYONE puts their spare key…in the glove compartment of the car! Yeah! Great idea! So what now? We went to the Bunn Exxon and Ken, the owner let us borrow this thing that would slide in the window and pump up to make a hole big enough to slip a “jimmie” in. After poking around in there for about 5 minutes I finally got the door unlocked. The cat was fine and hiding in the floorboard. The tire was shredded. I took William and cat on to Raleigh where I was headed anyway to check on my Dad who was having a heart catheterization. He was doing great with no signs of any blockage in his arteries but I was worried. The way my luck was going this morning I was prepared for the worst.
I blow off work and go home. Then Nathan about 3:30 gets home and he says “Dad, I got some bad news” as he’s holding out a pair of broken glasses. Sheesh! Kids!


Ace said...

Bitch, Bitch ,Bitch..........

Be glad you don't have my life, sheeshh

TA said...

yeah, if I'da voted for Bush TWICE I'd have a hard time living with myself too!:)

Ace said...

Uh let's leave politickies alone bro. Just be glad no mo jets have flown into anymo building killing thousands of Americans on W's watch. We're in Iraq for one reason. To snuff out the guy that put a hit on daddy. "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED". Problem is, the Iraqees are a bunch of conguered people that aint got an American spirit in them or they'ed kicked Saddam's ass themselves. So what do ya do?

Hey, we're still alive. Don't know if I could have said that under Gore or Kerry. (what a joke)

I'm afraid ya'll are gonna vote anything but republican and we're gonna git another Jimmy fuckin Carter type that's really going to plunge this country into a recession until another Reagan comes along and kicks somemo ass and straightens things out.

History repeats itself. My biggest worry is what IRAN will do if someone like John Edwards (most likely) gets elected?

And voting for Bush a 2nd time wasn't voting for Bush, but for the 2 conservative supreme court judges he appointed to the supreme court.

I think little Bush is an ass hole. But a lesser of an asshole than the jokers that the dems put up. If Lieberman would have ran, I would have voted for that democrat, but the democrats try to out do each other like a costume contest in San Francisco on Halloween. And Lieberman got his head bit off.

All I know is that what's left of Al queda (and the news doesn't tell you that we've kicked they ass really bad over there) is gonna come with everything they got if a republican like Fred isn't elected. They know GW's crazy. That's why they've been cool. GW likes to kill. Look at the 2 dumb ass biggots that drug the black guy behind their car in Texas. He BarBQued them, then smiled about it on TV.

You can only say that because you can only imagine what shape this country would be in under a Kerry (world wide test) Adminstration.

At least George acts like a good ol' boy. Not some kept man "castrati" like Ketchup Kerry Heinz"

That was a cheap shot T.

TA said...

Huh? I thought we were leavin' politics alone? 14 months and counting.

Ace said...