Tuesday, October 30, 2007

batons of Rock

We were thinking back on Sunday at The Pour House and what a phenomenal night of music that was. I really don’t wanna hurt anyone’s feelings that wasn’t there but DAMN! I swear to God, I felt like I was 30 (20 would have been better, but I’ll take it! ) years old and every band was on fire! I don’t know if the moon was in some “energy” position or what but everybody had it. Starting with The T’s, featuring the bride… Lutie Cain. She wore the veil on a golf hat which eventually got passed around to every band. Hmmm..’cept ours!? They are quickly gaining on The Ass’Kickin’ Team as Raleigh’s most ass-pounding band.
The groom’s band, The Poonhounds came up and kept the ball rolling. It was like that the whole night. It was like the 100 meter relay, passing the batons of Rock from one band to another. No stumbles with these guys. Big Daddy played drums with’m for the first time and you never would’s known it!
After them was the very swampy Bad Checks. They don’t play a mighty whole lot anymore but used to own Chapel Hill and western parts of Raleigh and mid-eastern Durham! Hunter is pretty much outta his mind on stage...no, literally…I saw his eyes roll back in his head more that once…or eighteen times.
Patty Hurst Shifter was on next and I needed a break (and to check on the World Series score), so I’m sorry to say I missed all but the last 2 songs of their show. I was getting my mind right for our show, ya know? I FELT them though as I re-approached the block.
We were next and it was decided that we would do songs about wedding shit. “Battleship Chains” and “Killin’ Down in Dillon” were first, followed by “I Love You Period”, “I Can Give You Everything”, ”Git Yo Ass Up The Road” and other great wedding classics. Short and sweet we gave it everything we had and ee tore the shit outta the last 2 songs, “T-Bird” and “Check Please” (which has really turned into a juggernaut!) and ran from the stage. Stupid Rockin’!! I swear, my boys got it going on!
The Bleeding Hearts were next but damnit! There’s HD baseball on back home..not only baseball , but game 4 of World Series Baseball. Sorry guys, I owe ya one!
Rock on BoSox!


Anonymous said...

You skipped some of Patty Hurst Shifter AND love the Red Sox - god, what the hell is wrong with ya? Life & how to live it 101 dictates that you seek some help brotha man...

TA said...

I didn't say I LOVED the BoSox, they are prolly my AL team but I DO love the Braves!