Monday, October 29, 2007

jac and lutie

I was quite the little socialite this weekend. I was like a bee buzzing from flower to flower or a butterfly splatting from one windshield to another or a bird pooping from car to car, I went from one conversation to the next. First, on Friday night I went with my wife and Nathan to Ali and Rock and Roll Johnny’s house to hang out and eat sushi. Then! I found out that Van Alston (from his retirement home in Honduras) was in town and hanging out up at his club that we sometimes play, Slim’s. So I drive and we get up there and then this cookie monster band starts to play on 11 so I have to wait outside. We go back to Ali’s (she pays the bills on the Guitartown chat and sometimes bitch site) and have a few more drinks before heading home. I was fine to drive, mind you.
Saturday, Will’s band was going into the DoubleNaught hit factory, the 411 Pod Studio at Jack’s house. The guys get a lot done and I’m very proud to say that they don’t have a cookie monster screamer dude in their band. About 2:30pm, Jack and I go to the wedding of soundman savant from The Pour House, Jac Cain and his bride to be, Lutie. It was VERY well planned out (although my dumbass couldn’t locate a trashcan for a while). Tres Chicas sang a beautiful song before the vows and I kept wondering if that damn loudass single engine plane pulling a Geico banner flying overhead was gonna ever go away. Just as the preacher (uhhh..bartender from Slim’s) commenced to preachin’ the stuff about love forever and all that, the plane (and all it’s noise) headed east, perfect timing. And speaking of perfect, you couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day although it had been raining, thank you Jesus!, for the past few days and the ground was really...well, muddy. The ceremony was awesome, very sweet and afterwards the Countdown Quartet played classics from the 40’s and 50’s while people, Raleigh socialites like myself engaged in casual conversation. We had a few drinks as we counted how many bass players were in attendance (including the bride and groom) and thought about what a sorry state of affairs it would be if that Geico plane crashed there in the backyard and killed them all, and how wretchedly thin the “Raleigh sound” would become. And don’t you know that bastard flew over again just as Mikie pronounced them man and wife. Damn you Geico! I missed the best part! I’ll never sign up (and be late with almost every payment) with you!
We went back to our producin’(evidently T-bone Burnett does this too…he’ll be producing something and then just get up and leave) Will’s record. I sat outside, surfed the net and got cold feet...literally.
Sunday, was the rock reception for the Lutie/Jac wedding at The Pour House. Bands included Lutie’s, The T’s…who really REALLY rock like ass, Jac’s band The Poonhounds and damned if they didn’t rock too, shit! The Bad Checks played..ditto, everybody’s favorite Patty Hurst Shifter was after them, then us, The Olympic Ass-Kickin’ Team and of course we KILLED it! (Remember that Jerry Lee/Chuck Berry story?), and then The Bleeding Hearts.
So there ya go, here I sit…with my newfound hope for Rock.
Thanks to Jac and Lutie for a great weekend! And good luck on a long life together!


Fish Camp Barbie said...

DAMN! I forgot all about the blowout bash on the 28th! SHIT.

rachel said...

Amen, I HATE the Geico plane.